A Chair Renewed With Tie dye

A IKEA chaor re-newed with Rit dye. victoriadaytoday.com

I hate to throw anything away. I’d probably be a hoarder but watching all those hoarder shows on TLC has scared me into keeping my house at a light clutter. Which is probably for the best. I’d hate to have Stella go ‘missing’ one day, only to find her years later squashed flat under a pile of boxes. The point is, if something can be saved from the trash heap AND save us from spending money on a new one I’m all in.

A couple years ago my boyfriend had purchased a Poäng armchair with a natural cushion cover from IKEA at an amazingly good price. This has since been his gaming chair. A VERY well used piece of furniture. Lately it’s been looking quite dirty and sad. He suggested buying a new cushion or *gasp* a new chair! I knew there had to be a better, cheaper solution. I’ve had a box of black Rit dye for years and here was the perfect opportunity to use it.

The tie dye process. victoriadaytoday.com

Before dye – After dye was applied – Post rinsing and machine washed

With my sister’s help we twisted up the cover of the chair and tied it tight with twine. The cover is cotton so it made a good canvas for dye. I mostly followed the directions on the box, but because I only had one box of dye and didn’t want to wait to get a new one the next day, I used more hot water then was directed to fully soak it all.

A tie dyed chair DIY victoriadaytoday.com

Close up of the tie dyed chair victoriadaytoday.com

The part that took the longest was rinsing out the dye. We had to use a lot of water to get it all out and did it in the bathtub. If you know of a more environmentally friendly way to dye, please let me know in the comments.

Stella in the chair victoriadaytoday.com

Stella in the gaming chair. victoriadaytoday.com

This was a fun, quick project. I didn’t have high expectations going in, as this was my first time using Rit dye, but the chair cover turned out better then expected. My boyfriend loves it! Using two boxes of dye, as directed, would probably have resulted in a darker color, but I am still pleased with this last minute project.

sonny on game day victoriadaytoday.com


This tie dyed chair is cat tested, gaming boyfriend approved!


A worn out coat, renewed!

a worn out cost renewed! victoriadaytoday.comMy sister, Halie, and I are similar in many ways. We are both creative, share the same birthday, and adore a great thrift store find. When we spotted this coat on a recent Goodwill trip Halie fell in love instantly. I wasn’t equally as smitten. While I did like the shape, color, and fuzziness of the fabric, it had major problems. It was badly worn on one shoulder, my guess is from a purse strap, and on the elbows. The lining under the armpits was also torn on both sides. Halle couldn’t let the coat go, it really was a steal, and since I knew I could mend it easily I agreed to help.patching a worn coat victoriadaytoday.com  how to patch a worn coat victoriadaytoday.com    how to patch a worn coat sleeve victoriadaytoday.com      After sewing up the tears on the seams of the lining the armpits I got to work on patching the outside of the coat.

You can see how the fabric was worn down on spots all the way through. My solution was to use faux suede that I already had. You could use just about any fabric as a patch, although more flimsy fabrics might not hold up as long. The key to making this task easier is to choose a fabric that doesn’t fray. That way you don’t have to iron the edges under. Especially for the circular elbow patches. Another alternative would be to use an overlock stitch on the edge of the patches to eliminate fraying, as long as you don’t mind seeing the thread. To get the patterns for the patches I laid tracing paper on the coat to copy the shapes I needed. Since I didn’t have to worry about fraying, seam allowance wasn’t an issue. I was able to use the sewing machine to attach the shoulder patches. For the elbow patches I used an embroidery hoop to keep the fabric taught and hand sewed them on.

All in all it took me about to 2 hours to complete. I think it gives the coat some character and more of a vintage feel even though it isn’t. Most importantly my sister is pleased. She has a unique coat and it only cost her $10.

DSCFa worn out cost renewed! victoriadaytoday.com a worn out cost renewed! victoriadaytoday.com296 a worn out cost renewed! victoriadaytoday.com a worn out cost renewed! victoriadaytoday.com


After looking at the photos my sister was reminded of the A&W Rootbear. Now seeing that coat gives me a craving for a mama burger.

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Stampede style inspiration throwback

In YYC the Calgary Stampede is a big deal. Have you been? If not it’s definitely an experience. This year the Stamped runs from July 3rd – 12th. The downtown is transformed with brightly painted windows, hay, and reclaimed wood boards.  Plaid shirts and cowboy hats abound! And the Stampede grounds are where all the action is.


calgary stampede Indian village

Since this is my 5th year in Calgary and my 4th year Stampeding I’ve been around the hay bale a couple of times. Dressing up cowboy style is always fun. I love the challenge of dressing in a theme. Trying to infuse your own style into an outfit while not looking like a costume can be a challenge. Do you really want to look like a cowgirl cliché? Of course not! That’s why I’m sharing two past posts I did on how to dress for a stampede/rodeo.

In 2013 white was on trend and that hasn’t changed for 2015. Get inspiration for how to accessorize your white lace dress/skirt or even what kind to buy. There are so many different styles! What I’m obsessed with… White lace dresses.

cowgirl inspired outfit victoriadaytoday.com cowgirl outfit Victoriadaytoday.com

Once you have your outfit you’re going to need a cowboy hat. This is a must as it completes the ensemble and helps keep the sun out of your eyes while watching the rodeo. A little cowboy hat creativity will show you two ways you can customize a run of the mill hat. Give your chapeau a little pizzaz and you’ll never get lost in the crowd.

cowboy hat deco diy victoriadaytoday.com


Remember, you’re beautiful and no matter what you choose to wear, confidence and a big cowgirl smile will always be in style during Stampede and beyond!

What I made… Summer kimono

halie kimono victoriadaytoday.com

Summer is here and hoo boy is it hot! Well at least in Calgary it is. Even though I feel like I’m melting, being over exposed in public is not for me. I may be cooler but I’m not comfortable. Halie, my sister, feels the same way. The solution is a light and breezy kimono! She asked me to make her one and since her birthday was coming up how could I say no?

The fabric Halie picked out is a vintage Japanese silk which I’ve had in my fabric stash for awhile. It was perfect for this project and I think it turned out great! I tried a different method then my previous kimono tutorial and pretty much just winged it. Luckily it worked out on the first try. I’ve found a tutorial similar to what I did on Babble by Merrick White. The only difference is since the kimono I made is longer I didn’t sew the side seams all the way down, only to about mid-thigh. Even with hemming the edges this kimono is still a quick and easy sew! If your wondering how I made my first kimono check out my Cozy Kimono Cardigan tutorial.

Thanks to Julianne Gutowski for taking these pretty photos of Halie modeling her kimono. Isn’t Lesser Slave Lake a beautiful location!

halie kimono3 victoriadaytoday.com - Copy - Copyhalie kimono4 victoriadaytoday.com - Copyhalie kimono2 victoriadaytoday.com - Copyhalie kimono5 victoriadaytoday.com - Copy


Even in hot weather you can still be cool and comfortable without resorting to short shorts and crop tops! (although if that’s your style I’m sure you rock it!)

What I’m obsessed with… macarons!

macaron victoriadaytoday.com

Lately I have been seeing macarons everywhere! They’re all over my instagram feed and they look so darn tasty. Who doesn’t want to eat a little pastry that has filling and comes in every color of the rainbow. I think they’re the new frozen yogurt, which was the new doughnut, which was the new cupcake, etc. etc.. I feel like there are more places in Calgary offering macarons. Either that or I was totally oblivious to them before. Since I currently can’t get enough of them I thought I’d share two places I’ve tried macarons and two places that are tops on my list to try, all in Calgary.

Ollia Macarons & Tea

Ollia store victoriadaytoday.com

I’ve seen photos of Ollia macarons on instagram and they always looked lovely, just like the store just off 17th ave, where you can purchase them! I tried three varieties and my favourite was Earl Grey. They also sell tea but I was only interested in the pastries. Ollia also offers a macaron baking class in their kitchen which sounds like a great girls night activity! Photos from www.byollia.com

Ollia mac victoriadaytoday.com


monplaisir victoriadaytoday.com

Monplaisir is located in the food court in The Core, which is a shopping center in downtown Calgary. It’s kind of hidden away so I wouldn’t be surprised if most people don’t know it’s there. They sell macarons and Belgian chocolate. Even thought these macarons are cost more the Ollia’s ($2.50 compared to $2.00 each) I must say I did like them a teensy bit more. The cookie was more dense and chewy, which I enjoyed. Below is a photo of the three varieties I tried. Rose lychee, peanut butter and jelly, and lavender honey which was my favourite. Top photo from www.monplaisir.ca

macarons victoriadaytoday.com

Made by Marcus

madebymarcus choc victoriadaytoday.commadebymarcus lemon victoriadaytoday.commadebymarcus rasp victoriadaytoday.commadebymarcus victoriadaytoday.com

I’ve heard lots of good things about Made by Marcus macarons and am excited to try some out! They are sold in different venues across Calgary. the closest to me is Bridgeland Market, so it looks like I’ll be taking a stroll over there soon! All the venues are listed on his website. Photos from www.madebymarcus.ca

Yann Haute Patisserie

yann patisserie victoriadaytoday.com

Yann Haute Patisserie is located in a sweet yellow house in the Mission neighbourhood. I’ve also heard great things about their macarons. Looking at the flavours on their website www.yannboutique.com, blackcurrant and Irish coffee are two that I would be interested in tasting!  Photos are from  www.pinterest.com/yannboutique

yann patisserie mac victoriadaytoday.com


Where are your top places to get macarons in your town and what’s your favourite flavour?

What I’m listening to today… Birdy


I just started listening to Birdy this week after her version of Skinny Love came up on a playlist I was listening to on Spotify (Love Spotify btw). Her beautiful voice and lovely piano music had me coming back to it again and again, so imagine my surprise when I found out Birdy is just 18! Born in 1996, Birdy’s full name is Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde. This talented indie folk/pop singer/songwriter has 2 albums out and has contributed three songs to the soundtrack for the movie The Fault in Our Stars. Find out more about Birdy at officialbirdy.com and enjoy these songs!


Birdy’s music is the perfect accompaniment to working in my sewing room and I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!