Birds in Shirts

I have a thing for animals in clothing, it’s pretty much common knowledge for anyone that knows me. So when my friend in Vancouver saw a shirt in Zara that had birds in shirts she knew it and me was meant to be. Here’s the pic she sent me which I promptly fell in love with:

bird shirt

What could be better then a sweater vest and a deer/argyle combo? If you said “only a cap with earflaps like my grandpappy wears”, well then you got me there.

Since there is only 1 Zara in Calgary I rushed on down only to find that they wouldn’t be getting this item! Apparently the Van location was considered more of a “fashion” store then the one in Chinook. hmmmmpf. Well thank goodness my pal loves me because she sent me the shirt as a gift.

me in bird shirt2

Thanks Heather!

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