What I did on my x-mas vacation


So after a loooong ride on the Greyhound, where we were detained in Edmonton for an hour and a half waiting for a connecting bus, I made it home to my family in Slave Lake. Yea! It was crazy cold there, so unfortunately outdoor activities were out of the question, and I had to find other ways to entertain myself.

Of course I ate lots of chow. It was the holidays after all:


I bought my brother a pack of novelty moustache’s for Christmas, which proved to be very entertaining and looked quite dapper on both humans and animals:DSC01111



$10 couldn’t have been better spent!

Played some Just Dance 2 on the wii. No pictures but if you imagine some grown women flailing their limbs erratically, bumping into each other, and laughing hysterically I’m sure you’ll have some idea of what went on. It’s a really fun game and quite a workout if you do a bunch of songs in a row. Rasputin by Boney M is very challenging. Only the limber of knee should attempt this!

After a week I was ready to head back to the city, just in time for New Years Eve!


Happy 2011!

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