New year, new do

So it seems that I have had the same hairstyle, for like, EVER! And I was getting pretty tired of it. During Christmas break I got so frustrated with the split ends that I begged my Aunt to chop them off. Upon my return home I realised this didn’t look to hot. Perfect time for a change-a-roo!

The wonderful women where I work recommended I go to the salon in the bottom floor of our building. Volume Beauty Bar is the place and Candace Pearson was the girl. It was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had in a salon. Very chill with good tunes.

In case you forgot what my hair was like before, I made a little reminder in paint:

me pre cut



Note the split ends and that my hair is dipping in my coffee, not good.




and now the after………

Ta Da!

Candace was awesome. I went into the salon not knowing what I wanted. I didn’t look up styles on the internet, I didn’t have magazine clippings, I was a clean slate. She asked me about what my hair was like, how it was in the past, and what  I didn’t want. During the cut she asked my opinion often and gave me lots of options. I was a little unsure if I made the right choice when I saw all the hair on the floor, but I love it! I feel like a new person and after 2 days of doing it myself I am still super happy. Extra bonus: I get to go shopping for new brushes and hair products!

And because I adore my hair so much it makes me act like a psycho, here are some pictures of me being a dork with the camera. 🙂


Conclusion: “Human beings, by change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. Hi Vickie
    I love ur new hair do, ur looking beautiful, as usual,,,Take Care and drop me a line one of these days!! Love U,,,



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