There’s always time for tights

In winter I feel it’s always necessary to keep your legs covered. There’s less chance of frostbite on your stems and and if you chance to slip on the ice you won’t give the street a show. You hear that trashy bar chick!? –20, bare legs, and shirt/dress not cool!

Wolford, located in Calgary in Fashion Central, is tights couture. They have tons of patterns and colors, as well as stockings and undergarments. Prices range from $40 –$60 for tights but can go higher for specialty ones. These Artiste Tights with real bootlaces are $225, but they do look amazing!

artiste tights

Hero Tights

hero tights

Sousan Tights these are my fave, so 60’s.

sousan tights

Leo Tights Rawr!

leo tights

Conclusion: I’m keeping my legs covered until April, or at least till the next Chinook.

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