It’s about time!

On a lovely Groundhog’s Day I went to Starbucks to pick up a chai tea latte and a copy of February’s BeatRoute Magazine: Calgary’s Indie Arts & Entertainment Monthly. BeatRoute is a awesome free magazine that has tons of reviews on music and movies. It’s super helpful if you want to find out what bands are coming to Calgary, and I always like picking up a paper and getting a little ink on the fingers instead of constantly staring at a computer screen.

Anyways, the reason for this post…. I came across the most amazing ad that made me gasp in joy and excitement!



Have my eyes deceived me or is there really a restaurant opening  on 17th ave that is solely devoted to the most delicious of all food creations!?

Holy crap! or should I say Holy Curd! If you can’t tell, in the picture the phone number is 403-457-CURD. Very witty, I like. But when will it open? WHEN!? Coming soon is so vague. The internet is no help, and on twitter people just as anxious as I have posted pictures of the papered up store front.

So this got my mouth a-watering and me a-wondering what tasty poutine creations will be on the menu?


The Classic? although I prefer Diet Dr. Pepper.


The Meaty? cause everything is better with meat!


The Vegan? with tofu, mushrooms, onions, and a veggie based gravy.


The Hoity Toity? for when you feel like sticking your nose in the air.


and finally The ????? I don’t know what all is in there but it sure looks deliciously intense!

Conclusion: Opening day you’ll be sure to find me on 17th Ave with my bib on!

all poutine photos via


  1. WHEN WHEN WHEN does it open ? Stopped in front it and peered through an opening in the cardboard covering the windows, looks super nice, … but when does it open !!!! ex – montrealer living in Calgary for 5 years, waiting for THIS place for 5 years … I want a membership to this place !! HURRY and open already !!



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