The ice at night

Kiah and I ventured out to Bowness Park to do a bit of skating.

My skates:


Kiah’s skates:


The big pond part of the lake is well lit:


But the river part has no lights and is quite spooky. It’s a good thing it was overcast and the sky was bright otherwise on a clear night I doubt you would be able to see your hand in front of your face. I heard a guy say he should have brought his headlamp!

Some spooky trees, with random kid playing in snow:


I really liked the ice at Bowness Park. They have 2 fire pits there so you could bring a weenie or marshmallow to roast while warming up and they have music playing. Although whoever thought Shania Twain and Phantom of the Opera was good skating tunes was seriously mistaken.

  DSC01308 DSC01316

I like this photo even if it is wonky:


and each of us only fell once! I fell on my hip and Kiah fell on her knees, but no harm done, don’t we look happy!


While waiting for the #1 bus home I realised we were also at the Monkey Stop! I didn’t realise there were apes out in Bowness.



Conclusion: Always end skating with hot cocoa, that way when you fall on your ass you have something to look forward to!

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