A Mother’s Day gift

Today is Mother’s day and because I’m cheap, er, I mean love my mom so much, I decided to make her gift. I usually get her jewellery but thought this year I would put my efforts into creating something that was pretty and useful. Also I could use up some fabric I already owned thereby reducing my fabric pile. It’s win win!

I bought this book, Amy Butler’s In Stitches, last summer and had yet to make anything. I really like the projects. They’re easy to make and the patterns are sized correctly. No enlarging needed! The patterns on the fabric’s used in the book are quite inspiring, very shabby chic.


I picked 2 projects to make. A sleeping mask and a kimono-style bathrobe. Here are some supplies I used:


The sleeping mask turned out really well so I made one for my grandma too, and I added their initial’s with sequins.





I had given my mom a nice thick robe for Christmas one year but thought a nice light cotton robe would be good for warmer weather. there was just enough fabric too! The robe is made using different sized squares and 2 pattern pieces from the book for the neck facing.

My mom cannot function without her morning coffee. (That must be where I get that from, and we take our coffee the same way. 2 creams!) So I enlisted Kiah to play the part of my mom and model the robe and sleeping mask in a typical morning setting.




Well I hope she likes it, and hip hip hooray for mom’s everywhere! 

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Conclusion: Making gifts by hand takes more effort but a mother is always worth it!

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  1. Love them!! When is Auntie’s day so you can make me one! Boy she sure looks like she needs a cup of coffee in these pictures – what time of day did you take them? lol



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