A bag just for me


I’ve made bags for myself before, mostly totes, but I’ve never had a bag with ME on it. Until now! I really like this picture of my legs. It was taken at a potluck party which had lots of food, drinks, and Rock Band. A winning trio for sure.

I ordered this canvas/vinyl shopper tote from Bags of Love, a UK company. They use your pictures to let you personalize a large number of items such as bags, bedding, canvas, books, floor cushions, rugs, deckchairs, the list goes on and on! It really got me thinking of fun ways I could use all the pics I take that just sit in my computer.














This tote is the perfect city bag! It’s a perfect size, the leather shoulder straps are just long enough, and it’s narrow enough to fit under my arm.




For it’s first day out I took my tote  grocery shopping, not my favourite type of shopping, but shopping none the less. Every time I go to the grocery store I seem to get amnesia. It’s like I can’t remember what I like or how to put a healthy meal together. Picture a tall girl standing with her basket staring at the wall of food, looking bemused and wondering how she got there. I’ve been unsuccessful in making a list beforehand as I just stare in the same way at the empty cupboards. I can’t be the only person with this problem, can I?

















I’m extremely pleased that the canvas looks exactly like the photo i sent!  I was even able to pick a font and add text.














As you can see it fits everything I need for work, and there’s two large pockets. Also since it’s vinyl I can just wipe off any slops or smudges. Perfect for me!


Conclusion: ………


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