What I’m listening to today… Jake Bugg

The first time I heard a song from Jake Bugg was on a great website called Cool Hunting. They used to post a great weekend playlist every week, which strangely enough I can’t find on their updated site. hmm?

The song is called Someone Told Me and it takes my breath away….

I had never heard of Mr. Bugg before this encounter and I thought that if I found this song amazing there was a good chance I would enjoy his other works. I was definitely not disappointed.

His voice is so deliciously twangy. It reminds me of music my grandpa used to listen to. It makes me want to play it on the tape deck, in an old pickup truck, while driving down a country road with my sweetheart. Or maybe listening to it in front of a roaring fire, with old friends, wearing cable knit sweaters and drinking something hot and boozy. Or is that just me?

In the past couple weeks I’ve seen this 18 year old Brit’s name popping up all over. His star is on the rise and with any luck he’ll be setting up some concert dates in Canada. Fingers crossed!

Check out his website http://jakebugg.com/ and get a free download!

Conclusion: These songs make me happy and I think they’re making a lot of other people smile too!

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