Amazing Alberta Artist: Alex Janvier

Last month I was in Edmonton and had the opportunity to go to the Art Gallery of Alberta. I had never been and having seen and admired the outside of the building I was very excited to experience the inside.

There are 3 levels of galleries to explore and we decided to start at the top and work our way down. This turned out to be a very smart decision as the exhibit on the third floor was definitely my favourite and was where we spent the most time.

The Confusing Council Meeting – 1973 –

Alex Janvier is the artist and that’s also the name of the exhibit. It’s a survey of his 50 year artistic career. Over 90 works are drawn from public collections as well as the artists personal collection. It includes works on paper and canvases that date from the early 1960’s to 2012.

Untitled – 1986 –

There are early pieces taken from sketchbooks and other awe inspiring pieces on huge canvases. Organized by date, this exhibit lets the viewer follow Janviers development and see his style change and evolve. This aboriginal artist takes inspiration from his culture and nature as well as the political issues that effect him and the native peoples in Alberta.

Tab Letters – Life’s Scrabble Series – 1994 –

These works of art struck a cord in me. They are beautiful, flowing, and passionate. I would recommend a trip to the AGA if you can get there. the exhibit runs till August 19th 2012 and the pieces are more magnificent in person. Check out the Art Gallery of Alberta’s website for a more in depth write up and Alex Janvier’s website for more information.

Dogrib – Northern Athabascan series – 1995 –

Blue Flag – 2003 –

Friday Night – 2006 –

Untitled – 2010 –


I’m always happy and humbled to learn more about my Province’s culture and the individuals who bring it to life.

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