A little cowboy hat creativity

Well it’s day 5 of Stampede here in Calgary and hoo boy is it ever HOT! Although I have been to a few stampede events around the city I’m not hitting the grounds till this weekend and I thought my cowboy hats needed a little personalization. I just got a complimentary hat from a concert last Thursday and decided to keep the Calgary Stampede badge on the back but I took off the beer logo that was on the front.

I used the feathers off a head band from Forever 21 that I never wore, a necklace charm, and some vintage trim I already had.

First I snipped the hook off the charm and the feathers off the chain. Then using a crafters best friend, a glue gun, I glued the feathers to the charm and added a pin to the back. I thought this would be better then gluing it directly to the hat because then i could remove it and use it for a broach.


I then glued the trim around the the hat to hide the stitching line and pinned the broach on.


For my other cowboy hat I just added some glitter and beads to 2 artificial flowers and attached them to the back of the hat. I think this adds a little more pizazz to my cowgirl attire!


Has anyone else done any cowboy hat customization? I’ll definitely be on the look out for some when I’m on the fairgrounds!


Using a little creativity and some glue can add a lot of style to an otherwise ho hum cowboy hat.

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