It’s ok, go ahead and Crywolf



While researching ideas for my previous panda post (ninja panda lapel pin) I came across this super clothing and accessories brand called Crywolf. I love finding amazing brands that are based in Canada! The two ladies behind Crywolf are Stephanie Drabik & Rose Chang. All of the designs are based on their drawings and are hand-printed by them. With a concept of producing limited edition, collectable, wearable and affordable pieces of art I think Crywolf is headed for a great things!


*NEW* Crywolf Canada Crest Ninja Panda Tshirt  


I need some of these super cute lapel pins, zipper pulls, buttons, and necklaces. The problem is which to choose? I like so many!

Zombie Cat Lapel Maki Lapel PinHipster Werewolf Big Button Matryoshka Zipper Pull


Don’t worry guys, there’s clothing for you too!



And finally something to make you say awwwww.

Pet Skeleton Shirt

All images from and check them out on twitter @crywolfclothing


Conclusion: If i can look this good crying wolf I may just have to do it more often.

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