Summer vacation

Ahhh summer. A time for laying on the beach, bbqs, and campfires. While that will be a big part of the second week of my vacation my first week will be all about learning new fabric techniques, meeting new people, and pretending I’m a college kid again!

I’m so excited to be attending the Summer Series Course at Red Deer College. The course I’m taking is called Transforming Cloth. It’s all about reworking fabric in different ways!

Sadly I won’t be writing many posts during my vacay but if you want to see lots of pictures from my time at RDC and in my hometown of Slave Lake please follow me on instagram! Search victoria_day.
Or follow me on twitter @VictoriaHedin where I’ll be linking the pics as well.


Conclusion: There’s so much wonderful things about summer I wish it could last all year. But then I would miss skiing, sledding, and skating!

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