Getting in the DIY holiday spirit!


For the past 2 weeks I have had the most terrible cold. Damn you summer sickness! And while this gave me plenty of time to kill brain cells in front of the t.v. it has also given me time to think about other things too. I figured today would be a very appropriate day to share one of those thoughts because today is September 25th and you know what that means…….


A few years ago, with a very limited amount of funds, I decided that I would attempt to make all of my Christmas gifts. I have a pretty big extended family and wasn’t sure if i could pull it off, but I did! It actually turned out better then I thought and I found the challenge of trying to think of something to create that actually appeals to the gift recipient very rewarding. So this year I decided to do it again!

Any seasoned crafter knows that, like in retail, the preparations for holiday crafting begins well before the actual holiday. Actually I’m probably a little behind. Yikes! Thankfully I have the most helpful source for ideas, and I’m not referring to my collection of craft books from the 60’s and 70’s. It’s Pinterest!!!! Otherwise known as a great place to hoard without the worry of a camera crew coming in to stage an intervention! Ahhh internet what would I do without you?

I wanted to share some of the ideas I’ve collected so far. These DIY’s can be a great starting off point to turning the concept into something totally original and customized. Unfortunately I can’t say just who I think these gifts would be best suited for. I think some of my family does read this blog from time to time 🙂

All of these images were found on Pinterest but I linked the pictures back to their original sources. You can see these and more DIY pins on my Pinterest page on the boards titled Inspirations for creativity* Fashion and Inspirations for creativity* Home. Follow me!


This comes from a Chinese site, but there are step by step pictures. You could even put a little gift inside!


For leftover yarn: LOVE

This pin takes you to where it has instructions to make the bracelet with rope and a piece of wood.


Sewing: Japanese Knot Bag - Making this weekend!

These are so cute. I will probably adjust the pattern to make them a bit bigger.


DIY: Army Men Frame

Army men frame. For the young and young at heart.


upcycled t shirt rug Upcycled T shirt Rug Tutorial

Perfect use for those t-shirts I was going to give to Goodwill.


Bunny toped jars

These would be perfect for those dry cookie and soup mixes!


Monogrammed Fabric Wine Wrap

Great way to make a last minute host/hostess gift feel special.


This was done using freezer paper stencils so you can pretty much have any design. But Star Wars is pretty neat-o!


Love these bracelets. Might just have to make a few for myself!



What with starting 2 new jobs this month the only problem might be finding the time to create all these goodies!

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