homemade apron loveliness


OMG! I knew I was guilty of being an absentee blogger but I didn’t realise I had gone sooo long without posting. Shame on me! Well let me tell you, this abominable behaviour stops TODAY!

I’ve been thinking of lots of fun, creative, and interesting blog posts. I want to share more of what I’m up to, as well as people and places around Calgary and Alberta. But first I want to show you something I made in September 2012.

My Grandma’s birthday is September 2nd and I wanted to make her something that is pretty and useful. I decided an apron would fit the criteria perfectly! I used a pattern from Amy Butler’s In Stitches. You might recall I also made my mom a Mothers Day gift from this book a few years back.




I picked the flowered fabric first and then used that color pallet to help choose the coordinating fabrics. It’s a heavy cotton that I though would hold up well as I’m hoping it gets plenty of use.




A shot of the supplies. The pinking shears (which I love) were used to cut the organza to deter fraying.


DSC03800  DSC03804


These are all the pattern pieces and a close up of the gathering. The pattern has square pockets but I thought hearts were much cuter. Also I knew the pockets wouldn’t be used much anyway so these are really just for sweetness sake. It’s hard to see, but there’s also a handy loop just under the waistband for hanging a towel.




Here’s the finished product! I’m so glad the trim came ruffled. Doing it by hand would have been a lot more work.


DSC03817  DSC03821


I included a card that my sister drew and finished the box off with a star-spangley ribbon in my Grandma’s favourite color!




We don’t live in the same town so many thanks to my cousin Chantelle for taking this picture of my Grandma Hilda modeling her apron. Great pose!


Homemade presents are great! And so is NOT neglecting my blog. eep.

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