What i’m listening to today… Lana Del Rey

I had heard of Lana Del Rey before now, of course. Her first single was released in August of 2011 with her debut album, Born to Die, released in January 2012. I just never really took the time to listen to any of her songs. That is until I saw The Great Gatsby. This is a movie I really enjoy and can’t wait to see again, preferably not in 3D. The soundtrack is very catchy, modern with a 20’s vibe, and I had to buy it. Lana Del Ray’s track, Young and Beautiful, is my favourite. I love her voice and I can easily sing along with out feeling super off key, which is nice. So when I saw her album on sale at HMV I knew I had to give it a listen. This album is one that I can listen to all the way through and I’ve had her songs stuck in my head for days, but only in a good way!

Burning Desire is the latest video from her newest album Paradise, released November 2012.


I love finding new singers/bands that I can listen to over and over! Remember the days when you couldn’t preview albums ahead of time? I had so many CD’s with only one good song. sigh.

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