Jed’s Blanket: Handmade With Love

Does anyone else find the boys/men in their family are the hardest to buy presents for? I think I’m a pretty awesome present picker-outer but when it came to deciding what to get for my little bro last Christmas I was stumped. I didn’t want to give him a gift card again or money. Was there anything I could make that he would actually use? My sister and I put our heads together and came up with a useful and warm idea!

I love collaborating with my sister. We have different skills and strengths and it’s fun to create something I might not be able to do on my own. For this throw Halie dyed the fabric and I sewed it together. She used indigo dye and potassium permanganate.

Fun Fact: in the water the potassium permanganate dye is a bright fuchsia. It’s only when the fabric is removed from the water that it has a chance to oxidize and achieve it’s true color.

jeds blue blanket victoriadaytoday.comMr jeds blanket

The pattern on the lined fabric is achieved through twisting and pulling. For the circle pattern Halie folded up the fabric and clamped plexiglass circles on each side. This acted as a resist, allowing the dye to penetrate the area around the circles. We bought a fleece blanket for the backing and added a layer of batting in the middle.

I’m very pleased with the outcome and our brother loves it! I have a homemade patchwork quilt, similar to this one, that I received when I was a teen. I still cherish it, and I hope my brother will use and cherish this blanket for many years to come.

jeds handmade blanket victoriadaytoday.comjeds blanket victoriadaytoday.comconclusion

Two heads are better than one. Especially when you’re trying to create a gift for a hard to buy for guy!


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