Introducing… The Halie Top!

My sister, Halie, is currently part of an exhibition at Untitled Art Society called A Space Ship is Just a Time Machine. The reception was this weekend and she wanted to have an amazing outfit. The pants were already decided on but she wasn’t sure about the top.

Sewing Sister to the rescue! I had seen a photo that week on pinterest I thought would work perfectly with the pants. This pattern drafting was very simple and consists of two squares (for the back and front) and two rectangles (for the sleeves). Happily the muslin looked great.

Since everything came together so well (not always the case, as i’m sure my fellow sewers know) I was able to complete this project, including drafting the pattern, sewing the muslin and the finished top in about 4 hours. I thought this sheer striped fabric would be difficult to work with but I didn’t have any problems.

The Halie top at Untitled Art Society.

I’m very happy with how The Halie top turned out. It looks wonderful from all angles and best of all my sister loves it too! I’m really enjoying how it has structure but is flowy and relaxed at the same time.

The exhibit is on until April 9, so if you’re in Calgary go on down and check it out.


The Halie top at Untitled Art Society.



The Halie top turned out so well i’m thinking of making more. I want a longer version for myself in sweatshirt fabric while Halie wants another in gingham.


  1. Wow, that looks amazing!! I really love the top, and Halie pulls that look off so well, she looks so stylish:) Beautiful.



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