Men’s Suit Jacket to Vest Refashion


I’ve wanted a longer menswear vest for awhile, so on a recent trip to Goodwill I dug into the men’s section and found a suit jacket I could refashion into a vest. I chose this jacket because it covered my butt, I liked the fabric and it has a lot of pockets. Who doesn’t love a variety of pockets!

Removing the sleeves is a fairly simple job. You could even hand sew it if you don’t have a sewing machine. This tutorial from is a good resource if your not sure where to start. For a more advanced step, once you cut off the arms you can turn the jacket inside out and take it in a little on the seams, which is what I did. I took in about an inch on the centre back seam and on both chest seams. This will make it a little less boxy while still maintaining a menswear look.

Refashioned menswear vest 3

We took these photos in my sister’s studio. Yay art!

Refashioned menswear vest back

Refashioned menswear vest lined

Welt pockets, zippered pockets, patch pocket, and flap pockets!

Refashioned menswear vest shoulder look


I’m pleased with how this vest turned out! I’ll be keeping an eye out at the Goodwill for another jacket I can refashion into a snazzy vest.

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