From Useless to Useful – A Purse Refashion


Don’t you hate it when things start to wear out prematurely? Despite my best efforts I was having no luck repairing this grey purse. First the lining started to separate at the bottom seam. I stitched it up, no problem, but then it started coming apart on the side seams! Grrr. Then the zipper broke. After trying a couple quick fixes that didn’t last (I really didn’t want to replace the zipper) enough was enough and I was ready to toss it.

But something made me hesitate. I did like the chunky gold hardware and the outside showed no signs of wear. I decided I would try to refashion it!

In my eagerness to get started I cut the purse before I remembered to take a “before” pic. Whoops! The pink flowered fabric at the top is the old lining. Imagine it without a cut across the middle, just a standard grey  purse.

The pieces I needed from the old purse was the bottom, shoulder straps and hardware. For the pattern pieces I undid the seams and traced the old lining and top purse pieces. I choose cotton fabric that I thought complimented the grey and ironed on fusible interfacing for stability. The piping was added for a more polished look and it matches the new zipper. A baby blue satin is used for the lining and I added a 1/4″ more seam allowance then I normally use to insure the seams don’t seperate.

A purse refashion

The new and improved purse turned out better then expected! I’m so glad I took the time to refashion it into something I actually like, even more then the original.

A purse refashion

Recently we went on a trip to the Sunshine Coast, B.C. and this purse was great for traveling. While hanging out on the beach in Sechelt I was inspired to take these photos. I loved the colors of the rocks and texture of the driftwood. We had a fabulous time and we can’t wait to go back!

A purse refashion

A purse refashion


Refashion projects don’t always turn out as planned, but it never hurts to take a gamble. The results may surprise you! Tell me in the comments about a purse or other accessory you’ve refashioned. Was the result what you expected?

See more photos from my West Coast Adventure on my instagram!

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