DIY Sequined Sweatshirt Embellishment



Although it’s taking me longer then originally planned, I’m still going to finish re-vamping the 5 items of clothing in my Value Village Refashion Haul post.

Here is refashion number three!

I’ve seen embellished sweatshirts around and enjoy the glitzy/casual vibe they convey. Comfy and sparkly at the same time, the best of both worlds! This sweatshirt was found in the men’s section of Value Village. Pro tip: look in all sections, even mens and kids. It has obviously shrunk quite a bit, especially in length since the tag reads 2XL, which ended up being perfect since I was looking for an oversized sweatshirt that didn’t resemble a tunic.


The pink flowers used as embellishment were cut from a piece of sequinned lace I received as a birthday present about 9 years ago. I’ve been holding on to it knowing one day the ideal project would come along. There were three sizes of sequined flowers on the lace so I cut out a selection of each. Since I wanted them to have more dimension I added a black textured fabric underneath. This scrap of black fabric came from the sleeves of a previous refashion.



I used two rulers to evenly measure the points where I wanted the embellishments positioned on the sweatshirt and marked them with a dot of white chalk. After the arrangement was in place it was time to sew on the flowers. An embroidery hoop made the sewing so much faster and easier. It was quite an enjoyable sewing evening since I was able to wach t.v. at the same time. For more stability I sewed a small piece of non-fusible interfacing on the underside of the sweatshirt where each embellished piece is sewn.


I’ve put the shirt in the washing machine a few times (hung to dry) and it’s holding up well. Yay! I’m not a big fan of refashioning an item only to make the washing of it more laborious then before. I don’t have many pink or sequinned items in my wardrobe so this is a great addition.





I give this refashion:

2/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ for difficulty in construction

4/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ for wearability

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