Idea Pouch For On The Go Creativity

You never know when that genius spark of inspiration will appear. In bed, picking up groceries or in the doctors waiting room it’s rarely at a convenient time. Fear not! Here is a practical, totable Idea Pouch to store a notebook, writing sticks, iPad, or whatever will fit.

I made this Idea Pouch for a friend’s birthday using a PDF pattern from Michelle Patterns. I’ve sewn a couple of Michelle Patterns and find them straight forward and easy to understand, also her instructions include pictures!

As every sewist knows, even easy projects can have a bump or two. While sewing the topstitching on the flap I wasn’t able to get the lines straight the first time around. After picking both rows of stitching out (while watching t.v. cause it took longer then I thought) I drew guide lines with a chalk pencil.

This was a huge help as you can see in the images above. I think this happened because the corner had extra bulk from fabric, lining, interfacing and batting which then pushed the flap around under the machine’s foot.

Contrasting thread was used on the pen pocket and the buttons are vintage from my button stash. I’m very happy with my color choices and how the pouch turned out. I hope the birthday girl is too.

IMG_9287IMG_9290Idea Pouch for on the go creativity - victoriadaytoday.comIdea Pouch for on the go creativity -

The photos were taken at Baya Rica Cafe in Bridgeland, my neighborhood! They have one of the best lattes I have ever tasted and always have unique, interesting local art on their walls.  An ideal place for getting inspiration!

Idea Pouch for on the go creativity -


Keeping your Idea Pouch nearby when you’re out and about will insure those creative thoughts get recorded! Where do you get your best ideas? Tell me in the comments below.



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