From Sweatshirt to Pillow Sham

When an item has meaning it can pain you to get rid of it. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and let it go, but if you have a sister that sews you can get her to make it into a pillow sham.

My sis, Halie, ordered this sweatshirt from Korea in 2013 because the characters look like her and her boyfriend. It’s a good resemblance and the accompanying text is pretty funny too!


Unfortunately after much wear the shirt got a stain that couldn’t be removed. Fortunately it wasn’t on the image and we came up with the idea to re-purpose it as a pillow sham.




I carefully cut the sweater apart in order to utilize as much fabric as possible and took measurements from a sham I already had. Luckily there was just enough. Since I needed to cut out the stain I used the sleeves for panels above and below the image. The sweatshirt back became the back of the pillow. Everything else went into my scrap bag for future uses. For the closure I added a zipper to the bottom of the sham.

As far as re-purpose projects go, this was very easy and also very rewarding.  I was able to save an item of clothing from the landfill and allow my sister to continue to enjoy a piece that has a special meaning.



That red velvet chair in the photos, we found that beside a dumpster! It looks great in my sisters home. It’s also a fitting location for a re-purposed pillow.

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