Sewing the Lyle Midi-Dress + Becoming a Seamwork Ambassador

My sewing brain has officially turned towards summer. All I think about are cute dresses, light layers and how to stay cool and comfortable when the temperature rises. In my fantasy summer is all sandals, wicker purses and chill patios. In reality I am more likely to be hot, sweaty and sticky. Oh man, do I hate feeling sticky. And sometimes I just want to get up, throw something on and feel prepared for a summer day.

Enter Seamwork’s Lyle Dress!

This is one of Seamwork’s May patterns (they have 2 new patterns each month). A boat neck, sleeveless midi-dress made from knits. I was excited for this pattern because it reminds me of a dress I have – not made by me – that is starting to wear out. The fabric is a Bamboo Jersey from Rick Rack Textiles which I found quite easy to work with. For this first version I made a straight size 16, no changes.

The fit is good. Loose without feeling shapeless. And for being 5’9″ the length is great. For my next one I was even thinking of shortening it an inch! I didn’t even have to adjust the armhole width, which I find can often be too loose or tight depending on the designer.

This is a good beginner pattern for working with knits. With 5 pattern pieces total it’s simple yet has a few bits that you can learn from, like the neck and armbands and the curved hem, which I think could be the trickiest part for new sewists. Most of the time the hem is one of the last things to sew. In this pattern you hem before you sew up the side seams. This actually made sewing the hem easier and look neater. I used a coverstitch machine for the hem and sometimes I have trouble getting a even stitch when going over seams. This method made a very satisfying hem and while I wouldn’t use it for all patterns it works excellent for this one.

To turn the Lyle into a LOOK I knotted the front hem added a chunky necklace (gargage sale) and a silk wrap made from vintage fabric, which I bought a few years ago as a happy birthday to me present. Wear while walking through a flowery field, practicing social distancing – of course – bare feet optional.

I’m also excited to share that I got chosen to be a Seamwork Ambassador this year! Seamwork is a online sewing community that offers patterns and classes. Every month there is a new issue of Seamwork Magazine, which features 2 new patterns as well as thoughtful and inspiring articles. You can purchase the patterns separately or by becoming a member. I’ve been a member since 2016 and have really enjoy the community aspect and the variety of patterns.

When they had a call for ambassadors earlier this year I took a chance and applied.

As an ambassador I get membership for 1 year as well as early access to the patterns before they get released and offer input on future projects and patterns. In return I commit to sewing at least 10 Seamwork patterns within the year and sharing them with you!

My goal with upcoming blog posts, for Seamwork and any sewing pattern, is to give you a honest look into my sewing process. I’ll share what alterations I’ve made, what works and what doesn’t, suggestions for fabrics and what I really think. So pretty much the good, the bad and the ugly! By doing this my hope is to inspire and encourage you in your sewing journey!

I just loooove taking photos of myself, can’t you tell! Lol

Want to check out more of Seamwork’s patterns? Click here!

DIY Patchwork Hobo Bag by Susies-Scraps


This year was the 40th anniversary of the North Country Fair. I’ve been attending this annual solstice celebration on and off since I was 16. It’s a music fest that’s all about community, with plenty of food, craft vendors, workshops and all around good vibes. The music goes till dawn and guaranteed you’ll make a friend or two.

This was the inspiration for my patchwork hobo bag. I wanted to make a comfortable crossbody bag that was large enough to stash all my fair paraphernalia in, that also fit the bright and eclectic hippy scene.


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From Sweatshirt to Pillow Sham

When an item has meaning it can pain you to get rid of it. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and let it go, but if you have a sister that sews you can get her to make it into a pillow sham.

My sis, Halie, ordered this sweatshirt from Korea in 2013 because the characters look like her and her boyfriend. It’s a good resemblance and the accompanying text is pretty funny too!


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Idea Pouch For On The Go Creativity

You never know when that genius spark of inspiration will appear. In bed, picking up groceries or in the doctors waiting room it’s rarely at a convenient time. Fear not! Here is a practical, totable Idea Pouch to store a notebook, writing sticks, iPad, or whatever will fit.

I made this Idea Pouch for a friend’s birthday using a PDF pattern from Michelle Patterns. I’ve sewn a couple of Michelle Patterns and find them straight forward and easy to understand, also her instructions include pictures!

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Sewing Pyramid Pattern Weights


It’s been an long time since my last post but if things go as planned I will be posting a lot more, especially about creating a handmade wardrobe (yay!). Since I’m going to be doing plenty more sewing I needed to find something to use as pattern weights as the scissors/jar/ceramic chicken just wasn’t cutting it. (Totally unintentional pun. ha ha.)

After a failed visit to the hardware store I decided to research bean bag type weights online.

Sewing Pyramid Pattern Weights -

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DIY Sequined Sweatshirt Embellishment



Although it’s taking me longer then originally planned, I’m still going to finish re-vamping the 5 items of clothing in my Value Village Refashion Haul post.

Here is refashion number three!

I’ve seen embellished sweatshirts around and enjoy the glitzy/casual vibe they convey. Comfy and sparkly at the same time, the best of both worlds! This sweatshirt was found in the men’s section of Value Village. Pro tip: look in all sections, even mens and kids. It has obviously shrunk quite a bit, especially in length since the tag reads 2XL, which ended up being perfect since I was looking for an oversized sweatshirt that didn’t resemble a tunic.

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Super Easy T-shirt into Tank Top Refashion

Here is Value Village refashion number 2! This one was sooo easy! It also turned out much better then I thought. I’ve tried to refashion t-shirts in the past and sometimes it ends up looking like a baggy sack, which is great if that’s what you want to wear, I guess. But this t-shirt into halter tank top turned out super-duper. it could even be a no-sew refashion and you’d be done in a minute!


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