Giving my phone a little kawaii DIY


I cant remember where I came across Mr. Kate but I am so glad I did! Her website is and I highly recommend checking it out if, like me, you enjoy lifestyle blogs that are cute, quirky, and engaging.

that’s where I found this DIY tutorial for a Kawaii decoden Japanese inspired phone case. I was so excited to try it out I went right out and bought the supplies for it. And that’s about as far as I got till my old phone case started getting embarrassingly worn. The moment for crafting had arrived! This project turned out to be so quick and so fun I forgot to take pictures mid craft. ooops!

Mr. Kate has such a great tutorial and pictures on her site, as well as a list of supplies. If you take a look I’m sure you’ll be just as charmed with her as I am.  *View the tutorial* 

I thought I would share my DIY experience and maybe give a little inspiration if you want to make your own.

To get ready I got together buttons and other odd bits I already owned.






I laid out the decorations first to get a rough idea of where I wanted them.



The caulk is really easy to apply and a lot less messy then I thought it would be. I used a chopstick to swirl the silicone around and then applied the beads around the edge first. An old pair of tweezers made placing the smaller decorations a snap. Resting the case on a jar to dry helped it not stick to the newspaper.



I let it dry overnight and here is the end result! Kind of a summer by the sea theme.




That blingy bit on the top of my phone is a earphone port dust protector. I never even knew such a thing existed until I saw them at a kiosk on Stephens Ave. My phone sure is pretty now!



Conclusion: This may not be practical for everyday use but it sure is a great conversation starter!

A little cowboy hat creativity

Well it’s day 5 of Stampede here in Calgary and hoo boy is it ever HOT! Although I have been to a few stampede events around the city I’m not hitting the grounds till this weekend and I thought my cowboy hats needed a little personalization. I just got a complimentary hat from a concert last Thursday and decided to keep the Calgary Stampede badge on the back but I took off the beer logo that was on the front.

I used the feathers off a head band from Forever 21 that I never wore, a necklace charm, and some vintage trim I already had.

First I snipped the hook off the charm and the feathers off the chain. Then using a crafters best friend, a glue gun, I glued the feathers to the charm and added a pin to the back. I thought this would be better then gluing it directly to the hat because then i could remove it and use it for a broach.


I then glued the trim around the the hat to hide the stitching line and pinned the broach on.


For my other cowboy hat I just added some glitter and beads to 2 artificial flowers and attached them to the back of the hat. I think this adds a little more pizazz to my cowgirl attire!


Has anyone else done any cowboy hat customization? I’ll definitely be on the look out for some when I’m on the fairgrounds!


Using a little creativity and some glue can add a lot of style to an otherwise ho hum cowboy hat.

A Mother’s Day gift

Today is Mother’s day and because I’m cheap, er, I mean love my mom so much, I decided to make her gift. I usually get her jewellery but thought this year I would put my efforts into creating something that was pretty and useful. Also I could use up some fabric I already owned thereby reducing my fabric pile. It’s win win!

I bought this book, Amy Butler’s In Stitches, last summer and had yet to make anything. I really like the projects. They’re easy to make and the patterns are sized correctly. No enlarging needed! The patterns on the fabric’s used in the book are quite inspiring, very shabby chic.


I picked 2 projects to make. A sleeping mask and a kimono-style bathrobe. Here are some supplies I used:


The sleeping mask turned out really well so I made one for my grandma too, and I added their initial’s with sequins.





I had given my mom a nice thick robe for Christmas one year but thought a nice light cotton robe would be good for warmer weather. there was just enough fabric too! The robe is made using different sized squares and 2 pattern pieces from the book for the neck facing.

My mom cannot function without her morning coffee. (That must be where I get that from, and we take our coffee the same way. 2 creams!) So I enlisted Kiah to play the part of my mom and model the robe and sleeping mask in a typical morning setting.




Well I hope she likes it, and hip hip hooray for mom’s everywhere! 

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Conclusion: Making gifts by hand takes more effort but a mother is always worth it!

In the cord of N

I went to the public library the other day and was happily surprised at the size of their craft and hobby section! Using great restraint, and the fact that I had to haul the books home, I choose 3 to borrow. The first project I completed is a corded necklace from the book Fabric Jewelry 25 designs to make using silk, ribbon, buttons, and beads by Teresa Searle.


I really love statement necklaces and thought this would be a quick, simple project. Simple, yes. Quick, No. Turning the fabric into cords was the quickest part, it was the beading that took up the longest chunk of time. I used 3 different fabrics. 2 shades of green taffeta and a pear coloured silk.


After cutting the strips I twisted the fabric as I sewed it with a zig zag stitch to make the cords.

DSC01471 DSC01474

I learned that twisting the fabric really tightly yields the neatest looking cord. I just had to adjust the width of my zig zag stitch to fit the cord width. After all the cords were sewn I used my dress from to adjust the length and arrange the cords.


The book suggests using a paint palette to hold and sort the beads but since I didn’t have one that wasn’t already caked in acrylic I used a muffin tin. This worked better for me as it is sturdier and the wells are deeper, so i could bead while watching The Apprentice and not have to worry about losing all my beads in the couch.  I’m rooting for NeNe and Lil Jon!


 I just used beads I already had. I’m really trying to use up the stash of supplies I have before I buy more. The cords did fray a bit so while beading I did trim the fray as I went. In the end I really like the necklace. I think it’s great for a relaxed summer look and will bring a bit of pizzazz to a tank top, cut off shorts, and leather sandals.



DSC01627 DSC01630


Conclusion: Beading, like getting dressed, always takes alot longer then I think.