Zoo pix

 On our way to the Calgary zoo – Jenna’s faux grumpy face


Coffee is always a good thing


  Some jive turkeys



A different kind of turkey, ha ha


The cutest giraffe family ever!DSC01394



Kiah trying to get a pic of the illusive hippos


Lions and zebras and baby gorillas, oh my!







A closer look….



And finally the most aw inducing animal in the zoo… The red panda! AWWWWWWWWWW………




Conclusion: There’s no better time to get the zoo practically all to yourself then Sunday morning after a snowfall!

Pepto pink prairie dog


Since it was so freakin nice out yesterday, 12°C !, I decided to use this opportunity to finally lace up my skates. After getting them sharpened at the Olympic Oval last weekend I had run out of excuses not to. So downtown I headed to Olympic plaza. having never been there before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The rink is lower then street level and there is plenty of seating all over the park. But the best part, besides the skating, were these cute little prairie dogs poking up out of the sides.  They’re a fun and eclectic part of downtown Calgary that I was delighted to discover!


Conclusion: Sometimes you can find a piece of the prairie right downtown and FYI prairie dogs are one of my fave animals at the Calgary Zoo!


What I did on my x-mas vacation


So after a loooong ride on the Greyhound, where we were detained in Edmonton for an hour and a half waiting for a connecting bus, I made it home to my family in Slave Lake. Yea! It was crazy cold there, so unfortunately outdoor activities were out of the question, and I had to find other ways to entertain myself.

Of course I ate lots of chow. It was the holidays after all:


I bought my brother a pack of novelty moustache’s for Christmas, which proved to be very entertaining and looked quite dapper on both humans and animals:DSC01111



$10 couldn’t have been better spent!

Played some Just Dance 2 on the wii. No pictures but if you imagine some grown women flailing their limbs erratically, bumping into each other, and laughing hysterically I’m sure you’ll have some idea of what went on. It’s a really fun game and quite a workout if you do a bunch of songs in a row. Rasputin by Boney M is very challenging. Only the limber of knee should attempt this!

After a week I was ready to head back to the city, just in time for New Years Eve!


Happy 2011!

homage to keyboard cat

Ever since I saw the youtube video of the Keyboard Cat and his commercial for Wonderful Pistachios I knew that one of my parent’s pets would just love to make its own version, and Christmas gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. After a failed attempt with Cleo the cat, My sister Halie and I decided Lulu, the shar-pei mix,would be a much more compliant actress.  Here is the original Keyboard Cat in action:

And here is our awesome homage!

Thank you Keyboard Cat for being our inspiration and making me laugh every time your around.

Conclusion: putting any animal in a shirt always leads to good times!

Birds in Shirts

I have a thing for animals in clothing, it’s pretty much common knowledge for anyone that knows me. So when my friend in Vancouver saw a shirt in Zara that had birds in shirts she knew it and me was meant to be. Here’s the pic she sent me which I promptly fell in love with:

bird shirt

What could be better then a sweater vest and a deer/argyle combo? If you said “only a cap with earflaps like my grandpappy wears”, well then you got me there.

Since there is only 1 Zara in Calgary I rushed on down only to find that they wouldn’t be getting this item! Apparently the Van location was considered more of a “fashion” store then the one in Chinook. hmmmmpf. Well thank goodness my pal loves me because she sent me the shirt as a gift.

me in bird shirt2

Thanks Heather!