Right on Target


This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to go for a tour of one of the new Calgary Target stores a day before it opened. This one in Market Mall, as well as the stores in Chinook Center and Forest Lawn and seven other locations in Alberta will be soft opening May 7th. The Target in Shawnessy will open May 14th and the grand opening for all is scheduled for May 24.


It was quite the experience to be in a new store in which no one has shopped in. The “team members” were all busy with final touches, looking sharp in their Target red and khaki outfits. The layout is totally redone from when Zellers previously occupied the space and it’s all shiny and red and white.

DSC04235 DSC04262

Target carries a lot of great brands such as Papyrus, Mossimo Supply Co, Dyson, Apple, Kitchen Aid, Sonia Kashuk, Pixi, and tons more. They also do limited time collaborations, Roots and Sam & Libby, and are planning to do more with Canadian designers. I was quiet impressed with how fashion forward the maternity collections are.


Nate Berkus Collection home accessories


There are lots of ideas and products for organising.

DSC04250 DSC04249

Unicorn bank anyone? When I went to a target in the states years ago I bought a set of Simply Shabby Chic sheets in a cabbage rose print and they are still my favourite! They’re great for summer as they always feel nice and crisp. I’m so excited that Target still has this line!


Our tour guide, John Morioka Sr. Vice of Merchandise, told us that Target is testing these bright beauty displays in Canadian stores. With three rows of every beauty product imaginable I’m sure they’ll be a hit.




Mr. Morioka is explaining about how Target tries to stay freah and on trend with their products. They have an Expect more. Pay less. brand promise which is sure to please plenty of new customers.




You might be wondering, like I was, why there are no lights on in the ice cream freezer? Simple, the lights come on as you walk by! How cool is that? Sorry about the pun. Lol

DSC04284 DSC04289

These cereals, a target exclusive brand, include chocolate chunk hazelnut biscotti and French vanilla almond crunch. Yum!


This packaging is designed by textile designer Orla Kiely. Another Target exclusive.


Because who wants a sales person hovering around you. When I need help I’ll just summon someone with the press of a handy button.


This has got to be the cutest gift card ever!

So who’s excited to go see what all the fuss is about? I’m definitely stoked to go back when I can actually purchase instead of just looking at longingly.

You can learn more at their website www.target.ca or follow them on facebook www.facebook.com/TargetCanada or twitter www.twitter.com/target.ca

What is your favorite thing you’ve purcheased at Target? Or what are you looking forward to buying?


I had such a informative and fun time on the tour. I can’t wait to get my hands on all the cute things I saw!

What I’m obsessed with today… Ombre hair

dip dye/ ombre hair

blonde-blue-hair   blonde-with-purple-pink-dip-dye-1


gemma-ward-lilac-hair-771x1024   pink-purple-dip

two-toned-hair-blonde-black-1   volt-magazine-dip-dyed-hair-fashion-editorial-5

What a fun summer look! How could I not try it out?                             

             DSC03324   DSC03485



Conclusion: After 5 years of not dyeing my hair, taking the plunge into color turned out to be a very good thing indeed!

Getting Glossy

So maybe by now you’ve heard about Glossybox or one of the other beauty boxes out there. If not the basic idea is you subscribe to the service and each month for a nominal fee, this particular one is $15 a month, you receive a package in the mail containing full size and sample size cosmetics. This allows you to get a feel for brands and products you might not normally try and see new items from brands you already know and love. Ideally.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when first introduced to the concept. Would I really receive what I perceived as $15 worth? and would I even enjoy the cosmetics Glossybox sent?

The answer to both questions is YES! Granted this is only my first box, as this is their Canadian debut, but based on first impressions I am very pleased.

The packaging is very pretty and obviously has had a lot of thought put into it, which goes a long way in the enjoyment of this service.


Here is the dusty rose Glossybox, straight out of the box it was mailed in. It measures approximately 8”x 6.5” with a 3” depth.


Love the ribbon! but then again I am a sucker for ribbons.


The envelope held a card that on one side has a short note about the February box and on the other side has a list of all the products in the box. It gives the name, a brief explanation, and what the price would be if you were to purchase a full size. Also included are 3 labels for the box which I think is a cute, thoughtful touch.




The cosmetics I received are:

1. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Night Cream 7ml                                             

2. Essie Nail Polish in Neo Whimsical 13.8ml

3. Oscar de la Renta Live in Love body lotion 50ml

4. Ahava mineral hand cream 20ml

5. Elizabeth Grant moisturizing stick 3.5g

and as a bonus, usually you only get 5 products:

6. Beauty So Clean sanitizing wipes(4) and mist 8ml


So far I’ve tried both lotions, I like the scents, the nail polish, the color was perfect for a V-day manicure, and the moisturizing stick, which is my fave of the bunch. It smells like melon and it moisturizes just the way I like, not sticky and doesn’t sink in too fast. Also I feel a little more classy pulling out this stick instead of my usual Lip Smacker or Blistex.


Overall I think this is a great service. It’s well put together and made me smile when I opened it. The $15 includes taxes and shipping and you can cancel your subscription at any time! I’m happy this service came to Canada and am looking forward to next months Glossybox!

Check them out on facebook, twitter, youtube, or their website www.glossybox.ca.




Conclusion: Everyone loves getting a package now and then, and if it has beauty items in it all the better!

nothing beats a good Blo

Last Friday I had the extreme pleasure of attending Blo’s V.I.P(ink) carpet rollout. This is Blo – Blow Dry Bar’s first Calgary location and 16th in the world!

Scheduling my appointment right after work was a good choice. I was able to sit down, unwind with a glass of champagne, and emerge half an hour later with a fab hairstyle and reenergized for a fun Friday night! Blo even opens at 7am which is awesome if you want that picture perfect hair to start your day with.


Blo is located on 1317 1st Street SW in Calgary. Easy to get to and close to downtown, the salon is chic and cozy. Upon arriving you get to look at the Blo hair menu and choose from 7 different styles. I choose the  classic red carpet Blo. Being a total blo out virgin I thought I’d start with the original, but i loved the experience so much I will definitely be back to try out the different looks!


After getting shampooed my bloer (aka session stylist) Karina, went to work. Karina is a blo u(niversity) educator from Toronto and if the Calgary bloers learned from her then I will be back because she was excellent!


Karina used the most amazing smelling Moroccanoil hair spray on me.  I need to track some of it down! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Moroccan oil lately but wasn’t sure if it would be good for my fine hair. She assured me it was great for fine hair and after trying it I have to agree.  Blo carries Moroccanoil as well as the Unite range of products.


And Ta-Da! The finished product! My hair was shinnier, swingier, and smelled yummy. Thanks to the Blo crew for a lovely first Blo experience!

Book your appointment soon, you won’t regret it!


1317 1st Street SW                                                                                                              

Calgary, Alberta T2R 0W3                                                                                                                                     



Conclusion: A perfect addition to Calgary and when i saw the Moroccanoil sample in my gift bag I was over the moon!

A wonderful wedding fiesta

On Saturday July 23rd I boarded a ferry at Horseshoe Bay to travel out to Nanaimo B.C for my friends fiesta themed wedding. Carla and Carl are an amazing fun couple. I met Carla when we both worked in the Lush gift wrapping department. She has a great outgoing personality and I knew I wanted to be her friend right away.


C&C Mexican Hats!











The first 3 photos were taken by Jennifer Echols, a Vancouver photographer. Check out the website, her photos are simply stunning, so classic and candid. http://jenniferecholsphotography.com

Carl donned his dapper mariachi outfit after the ceremony, a gift from the band.


C&C Just Married!











Just Married!


C&C Listening to Speeches











Listening to speeches

Which were so heartfelt and touching I teared up a little. Ok, so I teared up a lot. like 3 times! And i`m not a crier! But everything was just so beautiful and special. Starting with……




Carla`s dress! Which was perfect for the occasion. Elegant and romantic while still being appropriate for the venue. No long train to trip on in the grass! I loved how there was touches of south western flair incorporated into the outfit. From the lace trimmed bolero jacket to the teal earrings and flower in her hair.




The bride`s sister also had a gorgeous dress. It was very striking and I wondered where she got it as I haven’t seen many Mexican shops around. I asked Corine where she found that perfect maid of honour dress. Turns out it had been purchased at a thrift store and it was previously white! Seeing the potential in it she bought it and dyed the dress at home!




There were so many crafty, personal touches that fit the theme well without going overboard. Carla told me she got a lot of ideas off the internet, from others sharing how they pulled off their own special days. The wedding was held in Carla`s parents backyard under a big white tent. The tables were beautiful and full of surprises like chilli pepper necklaces, sombreros, and fans. Proof that the bride and groom wanted everyone to have fun!






During the cocktail hour we had some yummy appetizers and drinks and were entertained by a fabulous 6 piece mariachi band!














Mariachi Del Sol is a band based out of Vancouver who blend the traditional styling with the classical panache. I knew I was going to see a mariachi band but I didn’t expect to be blown away! they were outstanding, playing two sets with a wide range of songs. They even took requests! http://www.mariachispirit.com




The supper was Mexican, of course, and like everything else, was fantastico!







The desserts in the lower left corner are homemade Mexican Wedding cookies. Super tasty and they were also in the thank you boxes placed at each table setting.





What a great idea and so cute!





I had so much fun and it was an amazing wedding. Congrats Carla and Carl! Thank you for letting me be apart of your day!

Conclusion:  As a girl i dreamed of having a big wedding, but after seeing this one i`m not so sure. Bigger is not always better…….in this case anyway. Lol

Will and Kate in my hometown!

I heard the rumours that Prince William and Kate were making a stop in Slave lake but I didn’t quite believe it. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that the couple who recently had a wedding that was watched and celebrated around the world would be taking the time to visit my fire ravaged hometown. It’s such a sleepy little place that has been thrust into the spotlight many times this year. It warms my heart that amazing, wonderful, and up lifting events are coming out of the sadness.

I just had to share some lovely photos from various news sites:










William and Kate arriving at the Slave Lake Airport. the woman in orange is  Mayor Karina Pillay-Kinnee. (Jonathan Hayward/CP)












Surveying the damage, a photo almost identical to this one is on the People Magazine website, which I find very cool! (Jonathan Hayward/CP)



This view of a neighbourhood in Slave lake still takes my breath away. (Jonathan Hayward/CP)











Arriving at Northern Lake College (Ed Kaiser, edmontonjournal.com)










Kate is so beautiful! The more I hear and learn about these Royals the more I like them. (video still from www.ctv.ca)











(Ed Kaiser, edmontonjournal.com)



(Jeff McIntosh/ The Canadian Press)




One of my favourite articles I’ve read so far is from the Vancouver sun site. You can check it out here.

Conclusion: Yea Slave Lake! Great things can happen out of tragedy!

Slave Lake : a love story


I want to share these pictures and words as a homage to my hometown. Now that our town is in the spotlight after the disastrous fire I want to give people a chance to see how beautiful it was and remind the rest of us how beautiful it will be again. This is my story.




I’m a proud Slave Laker. My great grandfather immigrated to this land and my family has been here ever since. We have strong roots, ties to the lake, stories that have been passed down. Yes, I’m a proud Slave Laker, but this hasn’t always been the case.




When I was young the SE was my playground. I was free to run amuck in the bear trails building forts, climbing trees, and getting grubby. I was allowed to go to the park provided I was home by dark and I felt safe riding my bike to my friend’s house blocks away. Now I cherish those carefree innocent days and feel a pang of sadness when I think of how parents now don’t feel secure letting their child walk down the street by themselves.


Scan_Pic0001 - Copy


As got I closer to graduation Slave lake began to lose it’s shine. Cruising around the neighbourhoods and down main street listening to loud music didn’t have the same appeal. I was bored of going to all the same restaurants and stores. Even the beautiful beach looked dirty and offensive in my eyes, the whole town did, to tell the truth. All I saw when I looked around was the negative and anywhere else was where I wanted to be.




It took me awhile to come around. I left for college, came back to Slave lake, then left again to go to different college. Still I could feel the pull of my hometown all the way in Vancouver. Sitting on the beach watching fireworks explode over the impressive city skyline I knew I had to go back. This was during a very low point in my life. There was a battle raging inside of me and  I knew of only one place where I could work through it. 




It was during this time that I began to see Slave Lake in a new light. It didn’t happen over night but slowly I started to remember.




The aerial photos were taken in June 2009 from a helicopter. It was an amazing ride. The town looked so beautiful, quiet, and perfect. These pictures make me smile because I know every street. I’ve driven by every house countless times. I know where friends and neighbours live and where they used to live. I could probably drive it with my eyes shut. This is Slave Lake and I know it like the back of my hand.



My favourite street is 6th ave SE in the summer. I can’t explain why I get a little rush when I drive around the bend and cross the bridge. I have memories about every inch of that street. How when my grandpa would say every time he drove over that bridge when it was raining “how high’s the water mama?” Maybe it’s because when I was young Tags was THE candy store.  Or maybe because this was the road that led to my grandparents, my aunts, my friends, my school.  Now some of those things just aren’t there anymore. Although the landscape may have changed the residents haven’t.




I used to hate how everywhere I went in Slave I saw someone I knew, a face I recognized. But now that’s another reason why I love Slave Lake and I’m sure lots of people feel the same way. It makes me feel special that I have a place to go where I’m known. Even a little bit. Like I said my family has roots. Even though I have once again left, this place will always feel like home. It’s the people who make this such an amazing community. The people who keep their lawns so well groomed, who pick litter up off the street, who sweep and shovel in front of their businesses. Community members who lend a hand, go that extra mile, and give you a smile and a wave. Without these people I’m sure the trees wouldn’t look as lush, the grass as green, or the lake so dazzling blue. This is why I’m certain not all is lost.




The fire on May 15th broke my heart. Many tears fell. But I believe that the community will come back stronger then ever. We’ve rebuilt twice before and I know this town is too special to let go. It feels like there are cracks being mended every time I see that a pet has been reunited, a fundraiser is being held, or hear a miraculous story of survival and heroism.

I wish I had more pictures, but I took it for granted that my home would always be there, that it would stay forever the same. I won’t do that again. The lake is still the same though. When I come back I can’t wait to go sit on the beach at Devonshire at sunset. Just before the sun hits the water there is an electricity in the air. Go there, you’ll see. A charge that fills your body and makes you shiver in a good way. It makes you think of the future and that anything is possible.

*all pictures property of the author