What i’m listening to today… Everclear


The songs remind me of when I was a teen. Ah…. back in the mid 90’s when grunge ruled and I wore men’s baggy jeans, shrunken tees, and old man sweaters. (most likely previously worn by an an old man!) That’s what happens when your fave store was Value Village!

and my favourite…..

Conclusion: Why don’t more guys bleach their hair anymore? sigh

In with the NEW… Music

So I’m a little embarrassed. Ok, who am I kidding, a LOT embarrassed! I Haven’t wrote on my blog since September! I feel horrible, but I’m determined to change this behaviour. It’s a new year, a new month and I have a new layout and my own domain name. Yay victoriadaytoday.com! I changed my header too. It’s a little peek into some of my passions and favourite things. I feel this layout is a lot more ‘me’. 

For my first post of 2012 I thought I’d share some music that is new to me and that I very much enjoy. Have a listen and hopefully you like what you hear, or at least some of what you hear. Or even if you hate it, yay for you! Way to have an open mind and listen to something new!











Conclusion: Music is good for the soul. And so is not being a procrastinator.