Wandering Whales and other creatures


I love local markets and craft fairs. Without them I don’t think I’d own any cool things made locally. I bought the 2 prints above, Aurora Borealis and Mooswa Nebula, from a market in Calgary. They hang on my wall in frames I found on my buildings “take it or leave it” table and I love them.

The artist, Andrew Olivier, lives in Edmonton and seems to have a passion for art, animals, and science. All the illustrations below come from his Polymorphism series that focuses on channelling scientific exploration into artistic form.

I find these “animals” very thought provoking. This style merges a natural tribal flow with industrial and mechanical elements. Some of the lines are very sharp and harsh while others are soft and circular. There is a push in pull, nature against science, which in the end comes together to create something amazing.


If you live in Edmonton your in luck! Andrew will be at Tribal Nation Saturday May 4th selling his paintings and prints and on May 25th you can check him and other local artists out at Harcourt House for an Art market in the Gallery.


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5 Questions with Andrew Olivier

1. What is your favourite colour?

That is an incredibly hard decision, and changes often. I more appreciate color palettes and combinations. Lately I’ve been loving soft blues, coral together.

2. Polymorphism is a biology term. Do you think in nature fact is stranger then fiction?

Well, Polymorphism is a term to describe the infinite variation of characteristics that exist with any given species. For instance, each butterfly has the possibility of infinite variations for the patterns of its wings. they never repeat. Always experimenting and inventing new colors and details never seem before. Life is stranger then fiction if your looking closely.


3. If you could be a ‘morph’ of any animal which would it be?

Definitely a whale. They are mythical and peaceful creatures, most have no natural enemies, and the whole ocean is their playground. what more could you want.

4. What is your favourite medium to work with?

A 0.5mm pen will always top that list. however lately, I have been liking good old standard house paint too.


5. Where is one of your best loved places in Edmonton?

The River Valley, and more specifically Hawrelak park. great big pond to ice skate on in the winter


Andrew is a recent grad from the design studies course at Grant MacEwan University. Check out his website to see more illustrations, digital, and web design work. http://wanderingwhale.com/

And you can also follow him on Facebook! www.facebook.com/thepolymorphist



Being able to see the world in a different way is a good thing. Being able to share your view and have it respected by others is what makes a cultured society. Yay for art!

To squirrel with love: a homemade card


Here’s a little fact about me… I hate buying cards. Don’t take that the wrong way because I love giving cards! Sure store bought cards can be cute, funny, and heart-warming. I just don’t see the sense in paying $4.99 on something that I have the supplies and know how to create myself. Also the receiver likes the homemade card infinite times more because it’s customized and I spent all that time making it and thinking about them while I made it! And I mean thinking about him/her in the “happy memories” way. NOT the “creepy shifty eyes gonna peek at you through the curtain” kinda way, I swear!

So when my Grandpa’s birthday came up recently I got out the markers and pencil crayons.


I wanted to give him a card that would make him say awww followed by ha ha and decided a squirrel with a faux fur tail would do the trick. I’m under the impression that my Grandpa loves squirrels. Or maybe loathes them with a passion? Either way squirrels are always in his backyard and he puts nuts out for them.

I found some inspiration on goggle and started sketching.



DSC03884   DSC03891


Although the squirrels at my Grandparents are brown I only had blackish fur so I made a grey squirrel. I wanted he squirrel to carry a message in his paws, awwww, but next time I’ll have to make the paper slanted so it doesn’t have a weird crease in it .



After writing my Birthday message on the back I mailed it off!

Do you make you own cards? What are your favourite cards to give or receive?


Q: Why do squirrels swim on there back?
A: to keep their nuts dry…. (I just had to get ONE nut joke in!)

A creative thanks


I needed to send a thank you card. So instead of paying $4.00 for one I did what any frugal minded crafter would do and made my own. The reason for the thank you was sewing/craft related so I decided to use that as the theme.

Here is the finished product. Ta da!



I can’t take all the credit for this idea though. My inspiration came from a little something that was left on my coffee table some years ago, by a young gentlemen, who I let sleep on our couch one night. I woke in the morning to find him gone and almost missed this, mainly because the table had so much random junk scattered on it. Luckily before I shifted everything this arrangement caught my eye.

Ta da!




Conclusion: Inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Oh, and sometimes it’s good not to be a neat freak.

Clothes make the animal


On Etsy I came across a girl after my own heart! Ashley Percival, a freelance illustrator in the UK, is creating beautiful bright and detailed art prints of quirky animals dressed in laid back duds. Animals in clothing!!! How can you not love it? She even has had her work licensed by Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 for T-shirts.


Skateboarding Bear Friends

Skateboarding Bear Friends. limited edition print by Ashley Percival.


The Cyclists

The Cyclists. limited edition art print by Ashley Percival. Children's Wall art and Nursery Art.


Cool Fox

Cool Fox limited edition 1/100


Bears in the Rain

Nursery Art, Nursery Decor. Bears in the Rain. Limited edition Art print by Ashley Percival.


The Bear and Fox

Childrens art. The Bear and Fox. Limited edition art print by Ashley Percival. Great Nursery Art.


A Little Owl wearing glasses

A Little Owl wearing glasses. limited edition art print by Ashley Percival. Children decor, Nursery Decor, Art Print.


Fashionable Owl

Fashionable Owl. Limited edition Owl art print by Ashley Percival. Owl Art, Children's Art, and Nursery Decor.


and my personal favourite….


Fox in Jumper

Art print. Fox in Jumper. Limited Edition art print by Ashley Percival. Fox Art Print.


Do check out more of Ashley’s fab prints in her Etsy shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/AshleyPercival

Conclusion: I think all animals should wear clothes! Much more cute and dignified. Maybe it’s a good thing i don’t have any pets….

And the decisions narrow….. a poll.

Spring is finally here and my sister’s grad creeps ever closer. On my recent trip to Vancouver I went to my favoritist fabric shop in the city to find the fabric for the grad dress. Rokko’s Fabrics is amazing! It’s located on Fraser Street at 46th Avenue. They have a women working there who is simply the best. So knowledgeable and friendly. She helped me pick all the fabric for my College Grad Collection and I was very happy she is still there! Rokko’s motto is

“At Rokko’s All You Require Is Good Taste-Not A Fat Purse”

and this is very true. I Love their selection and prices!

So here is the fabric that I bought for the dress:


 This is sheer so I bought a grey poly satin for the lining. It makes the colors pop really well!


Now this is where me and my sister, Halie, can use your help. I designed 3 different dresses and we both like all of them! Dilemma! Vote on which you like best and comments are always appreciated.





Conclusion: I love my sister!

I’m back! and at the dentist…

Hey all!

Wow, it’s been over a month since my last post! How neglectful I’ve been, tsk tsk. But now that spring is kinda here, well just around the corner at least, I feel ready to put my blogging muscles back to work.

Drawing really is one of my passions and I have been neglectful of that as well. sigh. So to remedy this i have decided to sketch a lot more and to share what I draw! Are you excited!? You should be!

To start it off here is a self drawing after my visit to the dreaded dentist…..


( Note my puffy cheek. I would also like to point out this sketch isn’t exactly true to life. If it was I would have to put in an insane amount of freckles and the paper would look a mess. )

Actually I  really like my dentist! He’s super nice and explains everything but I always feel wonky after the freezing, sigh, and it usually costs me money, double sigh. Would someone please explain to me why a crown costs so freakin much!!!!???

Oh! I went to see Battle:LA last night, which was sweet, but even sweeter…….

the trailer for Hangover 2!!

Now I have a reason to look forward to Memorial Day even though I’m not American!


Conclusion: I know in an earlier post I said I wanted to merry a bookstore owner, scratch that. I want to merry a dentist! Free oral care for life!!