A creative thanks


I needed to send a thank you card. So instead of paying $4.00 for one I did what any frugal minded crafter would do and made my own. The reason for the thank you was sewing/craft related so I decided to use that as the theme.

Here is the finished product. Ta da!



I can’t take all the credit for this idea though. My inspiration came from a little something that was left on my coffee table some years ago, by a young gentlemen, who I let sleep on our couch one night. I woke in the morning to find him gone and almost missed this, mainly because the table had so much random junk scattered on it. Luckily before I shifted everything this arrangement caught my eye.

Ta da!




Conclusion: Inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Oh, and sometimes it’s good not to be a neat freak.

Hello Mr. Fluevog!

I’ve been lusting after John Fluevog’s shoes for years now. I like the funkiness and the uniqueness. They seem to have quite a loyal following! So imagine my excitement when I scored not one but two pairs of shoes for more then 1/2 off! It was quite an epic excitement level.

I ordered these off the John Fluevog website and am very pleased with the service and promptness of delivery. The store had run out of my size and an associate kindly phoned me to see if I would like a half size up. This worked out well as the shoes fit perfectly! I Can’t wait to put together an amazing outfit to complement my amazing shoes and take them for a tour around town!

Second miracles – Cascades lace up pump





Rules – Goodall t-strap platform





Since I purchased these on International Fluevog Day I also got a deck of cards. Very nice, although maybe a bit of distraction while playing a hand. Ooohhh look at these ones!

DSC02884 DSC02882

Conclusion  There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to lift your soul! and your other soles too!

Clothes make the animal


On Etsy I came across a girl after my own heart! Ashley Percival, a freelance illustrator in the UK, is creating beautiful bright and detailed art prints of quirky animals dressed in laid back duds. Animals in clothing!!! How can you not love it? She even has had her work licensed by Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 for T-shirts.


Skateboarding Bear Friends

Skateboarding Bear Friends. limited edition print by Ashley Percival.


The Cyclists

The Cyclists. limited edition art print by Ashley Percival. Children's Wall art and Nursery Art.


Cool Fox

Cool Fox limited edition 1/100


Bears in the Rain

Nursery Art, Nursery Decor. Bears in the Rain. Limited edition Art print by Ashley Percival.


The Bear and Fox

Childrens art. The Bear and Fox. Limited edition art print by Ashley Percival. Great Nursery Art.


A Little Owl wearing glasses

A Little Owl wearing glasses. limited edition art print by Ashley Percival. Children decor, Nursery Decor, Art Print.


Fashionable Owl

Fashionable Owl. Limited edition Owl art print by Ashley Percival. Owl Art, Children's Art, and Nursery Decor.


and my personal favourite….


Fox in Jumper

Art print. Fox in Jumper. Limited Edition art print by Ashley Percival. Fox Art Print.


Do check out more of Ashley’s fab prints in her Etsy shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/AshleyPercival

Conclusion: I think all animals should wear clothes! Much more cute and dignified. Maybe it’s a good thing i don’t have any pets….

Lomography love

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon the Lomography website, twitter or a blog post perhaps? but I am sooooo glad to have found it. These super sweet, chic, and humorous analogue cameras have made my heart beat just a little faster. Ok, who am i kidding, a lot faster! I want to grab a bunch of 35mm film and start shooting.

Although I think digital cameras are amazing I’ve found there’s a lack of spontaneity. Especially since you can erase all the bad/wonderfully memorable pics and keep posing till there’s one deemed “perfect” . How many epic moments have been lost!? (even though sometimes that delete button is a godsend) and the suspense of waiting to see what hilarious/beautiful/cringe-worthiness you’ve captured is part of the fun. Also all your snaps aren’t stuck on your computer forever! Something I’m definitely guilty of.

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these beauties! or two, or three…

Fisheye No.2 – Python


20111214_7601   20111221_7867_120111221_7842        20111219_7663_1

Diana Mini & Flash – Leopard


20111221_7794_1  20111221_7811_1_1    20111214_7595_1_1          20111219_7648_1_1

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Fischers Fritze


la-sardina_fishers-fritze_back  la-sardina_fishers-fritze_quarter_1  la-sardina_fishers-fritze_top  la-sardina_fishers-fritze_box_front

Diana Mini JIYU – Freedom


diana-mini_jiyu_back     diana-mini_jiyu_side  diana-mini_jiyu_front_with-lenscap  diana-mini_jiyu_box_front

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Belle Starr


20111221_7724  20111221_7739 20111221_7732  20121005_5330

Check out the website for more cameras, the history of Lomography and the The 10 golden rules of Lomography. There’s tons of cool camera content! http://www.lomography.com/


Conclusion: This looks like the perfect companion to a summer full of shenanigans…

A wonderful wedding fiesta

On Saturday July 23rd I boarded a ferry at Horseshoe Bay to travel out to Nanaimo B.C for my friends fiesta themed wedding. Carla and Carl are an amazing fun couple. I met Carla when we both worked in the Lush gift wrapping department. She has a great outgoing personality and I knew I wanted to be her friend right away.


C&C Mexican Hats!











The first 3 photos were taken by Jennifer Echols, a Vancouver photographer. Check out the website, her photos are simply stunning, so classic and candid. http://jenniferecholsphotography.com

Carl donned his dapper mariachi outfit after the ceremony, a gift from the band.


C&C Just Married!











Just Married!


C&C Listening to Speeches











Listening to speeches

Which were so heartfelt and touching I teared up a little. Ok, so I teared up a lot. like 3 times! And i`m not a crier! But everything was just so beautiful and special. Starting with……




Carla`s dress! Which was perfect for the occasion. Elegant and romantic while still being appropriate for the venue. No long train to trip on in the grass! I loved how there was touches of south western flair incorporated into the outfit. From the lace trimmed bolero jacket to the teal earrings and flower in her hair.




The bride`s sister also had a gorgeous dress. It was very striking and I wondered where she got it as I haven’t seen many Mexican shops around. I asked Corine where she found that perfect maid of honour dress. Turns out it had been purchased at a thrift store and it was previously white! Seeing the potential in it she bought it and dyed the dress at home!




There were so many crafty, personal touches that fit the theme well without going overboard. Carla told me she got a lot of ideas off the internet, from others sharing how they pulled off their own special days. The wedding was held in Carla`s parents backyard under a big white tent. The tables were beautiful and full of surprises like chilli pepper necklaces, sombreros, and fans. Proof that the bride and groom wanted everyone to have fun!






During the cocktail hour we had some yummy appetizers and drinks and were entertained by a fabulous 6 piece mariachi band!














Mariachi Del Sol is a band based out of Vancouver who blend the traditional styling with the classical panache. I knew I was going to see a mariachi band but I didn’t expect to be blown away! they were outstanding, playing two sets with a wide range of songs. They even took requests! http://www.mariachispirit.com




The supper was Mexican, of course, and like everything else, was fantastico!







The desserts in the lower left corner are homemade Mexican Wedding cookies. Super tasty and they were also in the thank you boxes placed at each table setting.





What a great idea and so cute!





I had so much fun and it was an amazing wedding. Congrats Carla and Carl! Thank you for letting me be apart of your day!

Conclusion:  As a girl i dreamed of having a big wedding, but after seeing this one i`m not so sure. Bigger is not always better…….in this case anyway. Lol

Will and Kate in my hometown!

I heard the rumours that Prince William and Kate were making a stop in Slave lake but I didn’t quite believe it. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that the couple who recently had a wedding that was watched and celebrated around the world would be taking the time to visit my fire ravaged hometown. It’s such a sleepy little place that has been thrust into the spotlight many times this year. It warms my heart that amazing, wonderful, and up lifting events are coming out of the sadness.

I just had to share some lovely photos from various news sites:










William and Kate arriving at the Slave Lake Airport. the woman in orange is  Mayor Karina Pillay-Kinnee. (Jonathan Hayward/CP)












Surveying the damage, a photo almost identical to this one is on the People Magazine website, which I find very cool! (Jonathan Hayward/CP)



This view of a neighbourhood in Slave lake still takes my breath away. (Jonathan Hayward/CP)











Arriving at Northern Lake College (Ed Kaiser, edmontonjournal.com)










Kate is so beautiful! The more I hear and learn about these Royals the more I like them. (video still from www.ctv.ca)











(Ed Kaiser, edmontonjournal.com)



(Jeff McIntosh/ The Canadian Press)




One of my favourite articles I’ve read so far is from the Vancouver sun site. You can check it out here.

Conclusion: Yea Slave Lake! Great things can happen out of tragedy!