Alberta Flood: YYC artists give back

As you probably know, last week Southern Albertans experienced something that is now being called the worst flood in Alberta’s history. A totally unexpected chain of events that has suddenly changed the lives of thousands of people. For many the clean up process is just beginning and for others, like those in High River, they are still waiting to return home to assess the damage. I live in Calgary, a few blocks from the Bow river. Luckily my apartment wasn’t affected but I know many peoples who were. Even for Calgarians for whose homes were not touched by flood waters, the ramifications of this disaster are still felt. Calgary is a whole and the people who live here have come together in a huge way to show support and help get the city back on it’s feet.

Downtown Calgary flooded.

If you want to show support to the parts of Southern Alberta affected by flooding but aren’t sure how here are some amazing Calgary Artists who are giving back the best way they know how. These super creative folks have decided to offer some great products with most or all of the proceeds going to help with the relief effort. I’ve come in contact with most of them at various events around the city and they are all amazing people who care greatly about this community. What a great way to show support to local artists and know your donation is going to help a very worthy cause!

Click on the photos to link to their sites!


Cinder & Sage designer and creator, Lindsay Saunders, makes vintage and vintage inspired jewellery. If you want one of these stunning necklaces you better act fast! She’s selling out quickly and I can see why!


Amy Victoria Wakefield is a photographer who makes all her beautiful artwork by hand. There are 8 different Alberta magnets to choose from. I bought one for my mom for Christmas and she loves it!

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Melissa McKinnon is an artist who creates large scale textured acrylic paintings. She is auctioning off these two stunning paintings inspired by the ever-changing beauty of our Alberta landscape as well as the resiliency that Albertans are known for. Aptly titled ”Together We Stand” all proceeds from the auction goes to The Canadian Red Cross Flood Fund and bids start at $300 and ends July 3rd.

Mandy Stobo is the Artist behind Bad Portraits. These quirky gouche and watercolour paintings are so bad they’re good. Well actually they’re great! And now you can buy this one of Calgary’s beloved Mayor Nenshi on a shirt! In Scuba gear no less! 100% of profits going to the Red Cross and if a shirts not your thing you can also buy a print! Note: Flood my heart is the newest t-shirt design but scuba Nenshi prints are still available.


Stampede is a big part of Calgary and this seems to be the unofficial slogan for this year. Or maybe since it’s on a shirt it’s now official? Either way you can pick up one of these black tee’s from the Calgary Stampede store and know that 100% of the cost is going to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Floods Fund. While supplies last, of course.


If you can’t get enough of Nenshi (and who can?) or the Stampede here is another offering. These shirts are from Frontier Metropolis, a clothing brand started by 2 guys based in Calgary. $5.75 from each shirt sold goes to the Red Cross Flood Fund.


And last but not least… If you live in or around Calgary and want to keep tabs on all the fundraisers that will be happening check out the Calgary Culture website. They’re put together a list of artist driven flood relief fundraisers and are adding to it everyday!


There are so many heart warming stories coming out of this tragedy. So many volunteers and people doing whatever they can to help out. I LOVE ALBERTA!

Wandering Whales and other creatures


I love local markets and craft fairs. Without them I don’t think I’d own any cool things made locally. I bought the 2 prints above, Aurora Borealis and Mooswa Nebula, from a market in Calgary. They hang on my wall in frames I found on my buildings “take it or leave it” table and I love them.

The artist, Andrew Olivier, lives in Edmonton and seems to have a passion for art, animals, and science. All the illustrations below come from his Polymorphism series that focuses on channelling scientific exploration into artistic form.

I find these “animals” very thought provoking. This style merges a natural tribal flow with industrial and mechanical elements. Some of the lines are very sharp and harsh while others are soft and circular. There is a push in pull, nature against science, which in the end comes together to create something amazing.


If you live in Edmonton your in luck! Andrew will be at Tribal Nation Saturday May 4th selling his paintings and prints and on May 25th you can check him and other local artists out at Harcourt House for an Art market in the Gallery.


318055_455903481143961_428843007_n[1]  545490_338879256179718_1964874402_n[1]

5 Questions with Andrew Olivier

1. What is your favourite colour?

That is an incredibly hard decision, and changes often. I more appreciate color palettes and combinations. Lately I’ve been loving soft blues, coral together.

2. Polymorphism is a biology term. Do you think in nature fact is stranger then fiction?

Well, Polymorphism is a term to describe the infinite variation of characteristics that exist with any given species. For instance, each butterfly has the possibility of infinite variations for the patterns of its wings. they never repeat. Always experimenting and inventing new colors and details never seem before. Life is stranger then fiction if your looking closely.


3. If you could be a ‘morph’ of any animal which would it be?

Definitely a whale. They are mythical and peaceful creatures, most have no natural enemies, and the whole ocean is their playground. what more could you want.

4. What is your favourite medium to work with?

A 0.5mm pen will always top that list. however lately, I have been liking good old standard house paint too.


5. Where is one of your best loved places in Edmonton?

The River Valley, and more specifically Hawrelak park. great big pond to ice skate on in the winter


Andrew is a recent grad from the design studies course at Grant MacEwan University. Check out his website to see more illustrations, digital, and web design work.

And you can also follow him on Facebook!



Being able to see the world in a different way is a good thing. Being able to share your view and have it respected by others is what makes a cultured society. Yay for art!

Wreck City: See it before the demolition ball does!


When I looked out my window on Saturday I saw a grey cloudy day with a skiff of snow on the ground. Not ideal weather, but that wouldn’t stop me from heading down to the community of Sunnyside to check out Wreck City.

“Wreck City: An epilogue for 809” is a group of local artists who have taken nine houses that are slated for demolition and turned them into temporary art, instillation, and performance spaces. 8 artist/curators and 100+ extremely creative individuals have worked very hard to bring this together and I was super excited to see the results!


“Enter at your own risk” is posted at the entrance of each house as well as the names of the artists who contributed to that space, but don’t be alarmed, everything inside is secure. Here’s a tip: for the optimum experience wear clothes you can move around in and stable shoes. Also forget the big purse or tote, it will only get in your way. The spaces are amazingly hands on and remind me of a real life snakes and ladders game. There are things to climb, crawl through, peek in and slide down, but only if you want to, and believe me you’ll want to! Thank goodness I was wearing thick tights!

This is truly an experience for all your senses whether it be sight, touch, smell, sound, or taste (fresh baked cookies anyone?). Each day also features different performances. Click Here for a schedule. I had a fantastic time immersing myself in these houses and chatting with the artists. The following photos are only a tiny sample of what you can expect from Wreck City. If your going to be in Calgary this week you would be missing out if you didn’t venture down to Sunnyside to check it out!


Wreck City is free and open to all ages, everyday until April 27th.

visit their website at to find out more!



Yes, that’s a slide and yes, that’s a railing. Safety first!


DSC04174  DSC04167


Going down! Side note: I was just talking about Light Brights at work and how much I wanted one. After seeing this one now I want one even more, sigh.









This is a great example of how when people come together, they can take something that one might deem worthless and transform it into something extraordinary. Have I piqued your interest yet?