Wreck City: See it before the demolition ball does!


When I looked out my window on Saturday I saw a grey cloudy day with a skiff of snow on the ground. Not ideal weather, but that wouldn’t stop me from heading down to the community of Sunnyside to check out Wreck City.

“Wreck City: An epilogue for 809” is a group of local artists who have taken nine houses that are slated for demolition and turned them into temporary art, instillation, and performance spaces. 8 artist/curators and 100+ extremely creative individuals have worked very hard to bring this together and I was super excited to see the results!


“Enter at your own risk” is posted at the entrance of each house as well as the names of the artists who contributed to that space, but don’t be alarmed, everything inside is secure. Here’s a tip: for the optimum experience wear clothes you can move around in and stable shoes. Also forget the big purse or tote, it will only get in your way. The spaces are amazingly hands on and remind me of a real life snakes and ladders game. There are things to climb, crawl through, peek in and slide down, but only if you want to, and believe me you’ll want to! Thank goodness I was wearing thick tights!

This is truly an experience for all your senses whether it be sight, touch, smell, sound, or taste (fresh baked cookies anyone?). Each day also features different performances. Click Here for a schedule. I had a fantastic time immersing myself in these houses and chatting with the artists. The following photos are only a tiny sample of what you can expect from Wreck City. If your going to be in Calgary this week you would be missing out if you didn’t venture down to Sunnyside to check it out!


Wreck City is free and open to all ages, everyday until April 27th.

visit their website at www.wreckcityproject.wordpress.com to find out more!



Yes, that’s a slide and yes, that’s a railing. Safety first!


DSC04174  DSC04167


Going down! Side note: I was just talking about Light Brights at work and how much I wanted one. After seeing this one now I want one even more, sigh.









This is a great example of how when people come together, they can take something that one might deem worthless and transform it into something extraordinary. Have I piqued your interest yet?

Summer vacation

Ahhh summer. A time for laying on the beach, bbqs, and campfires. While that will be a big part of the second week of my vacation my first week will be all about learning new fabric techniques, meeting new people, and pretending I’m a college kid again!

I’m so excited to be attending the Summer Series Course at Red Deer College. The course I’m taking is called Transforming Cloth. It’s all about reworking fabric in different ways!

Sadly I won’t be writing many posts during my vacay but if you want to see lots of pictures from my time at RDC and in my hometown of Slave Lake please follow me on instagram! Search victoria_day.
Or follow me on twitter @VictoriaHedin where I’ll be linking the pics as well.


Conclusion: There’s so much wonderful things about summer I wish it could last all year. But then I would miss skiing, sledding, and skating!

The come from away: a yarn tale





















My bus ride home after work goes down 6th ave and takes me past the sculptures outside the Calgary Board of Education building. The first time I saw these long limbed figures I was amazed. They are so tall and graceful and, well, naked! Awhile ago I had a shock when I saw that one figure was clothed! Head to toe in knitted and crocheted yarn!

I was curious about who had done this feat. Was it a random yarn bombing? or perhaps something more organized? Turns out it was the latter. This project was created by artist Suzen Green. I tried to take a picture of the write up posted beside the figure without me in it but had no luck, darn sun! But I think you can read it well enough.




This is the plaque that is in the middle of the sculpture.

























































I really appreciated all the little details in the piece and thought it made it all the more interesting to look at.



























If your curious as to how Suzen created and installed this piece check out her blog. It has a some great posts on her whole process. www.notalazysuzen.com

Also check out her website to see more of her witty and thought provoking pieces. www.suzengreen.com  I particularly like Bergy bits and Here We Are As One.














Conclusion: Don’t be surprised to find amazing pieces of art and creativity around every corner!

The heritage of lace


I have fond memories of going to Heritage Park when I was a child. Riding the train, exploring ye olde town, eating old timey candy. Last weekend I got to do all those things again, except for riding the train we took a trip on the paddle boat! It was a great day to go, sunny but not scorchingly so, and there was a farmers market with hella cheap produce! We picked up some apples, oranges, and limes for 6$. Would have got more but you had to carry it out and we didn’t come with our wagon as most people we saw had. Note to self: buy wagon!

I thought I would share with you by far the coolest thing I have seen in awhile. I know some might not understand my amazement, but being very crafty and interested in how things are constructed I was transfixed!


DSC02288  DSC02304


It’s so fun to see all the people dressed up and in character, and if your lucky and have the time you’ll even get a few stories out of them. In Thorpe House, sitting in the kitchen by a sun filled window, was a cheery woman with a lot of bobbins in front of her. Anytime I see sewing/crafting supplies my interest is instantly piqued and I had to know what was going on. She was talking to a mom and son so I had to wait my turn, but finally I got to talk to her.














I truly love lace. It can be so intricate and beautiful. Romantic and feminine. the bobbins are moved around in a pattern and the pins are used to hold the piece down and help maintain the right tension. Hearing the bobbins click together and seeing her hands swiftly moving them as she talked was mesmerizing and I could have watched for hours.




DSC02302 (2)















She told me she just learned how to make lace a year ago and was not that good yet but I was seriously impressed. When she really got going she said she could do about an inch an hour! I don’t think I would have the patience or commitment needed to take up this craft but my appreciation for hand made lace is through the roof!














All in all a great day where I learned something new and got scared by a person I thought was a mannequin, a very embarrassing but funny story.

I find this photo very amusing so I had to include it. I think Lyndsay’s face says it all! ha ha
















Conclusion: I’ll definitely be taking a trip to Heritage Park again. I didn’t get to see it all and it’s an excellent opportunity to break out in ye olde timey slang.

nothing beats a good Blo

Last Friday I had the extreme pleasure of attending Blo’s V.I.P(ink) carpet rollout. This is Blo – Blow Dry Bar’s first Calgary location and 16th in the world!

Scheduling my appointment right after work was a good choice. I was able to sit down, unwind with a glass of champagne, and emerge half an hour later with a fab hairstyle and reenergized for a fun Friday night! Blo even opens at 7am which is awesome if you want that picture perfect hair to start your day with.


Blo is located on 1317 1st Street SW in Calgary. Easy to get to and close to downtown, the salon is chic and cozy. Upon arriving you get to look at the Blo hair menu and choose from 7 different styles. I choose the  classic red carpet Blo. Being a total blo out virgin I thought I’d start with the original, but i loved the experience so much I will definitely be back to try out the different looks!


After getting shampooed my bloer (aka session stylist) Karina, went to work. Karina is a blo u(niversity) educator from Toronto and if the Calgary bloers learned from her then I will be back because she was excellent!


Karina used the most amazing smelling Moroccanoil hair spray on me.  I need to track some of it down! I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Moroccan oil lately but wasn’t sure if it would be good for my fine hair. She assured me it was great for fine hair and after trying it I have to agree.  Blo carries Moroccanoil as well as the Unite range of products.


And Ta-Da! The finished product! My hair was shinnier, swingier, and smelled yummy. Thanks to the Blo crew for a lovely first Blo experience!

Book your appointment soon, you won’t regret it!


1317 1st Street SW                                                                                                              

Calgary, Alberta T2R 0W3                                                                                                                                     



Conclusion: A perfect addition to Calgary and when i saw the Moroccanoil sample in my gift bag I was over the moon!

A bag just for me


I’ve made bags for myself before, mostly totes, but I’ve never had a bag with ME on it. Until now! I really like this picture of my legs. It was taken at a potluck party which had lots of food, drinks, and Rock Band. A winning trio for sure.

I ordered this canvas/vinyl shopper tote from Bags of Love, a UK company. They use your pictures to let you personalize a large number of items such as bags, bedding, canvas, books, floor cushions, rugs, deckchairs, the list goes on and on! It really got me thinking of fun ways I could use all the pics I take that just sit in my computer.














This tote is the perfect city bag! It’s a perfect size, the leather shoulder straps are just long enough, and it’s narrow enough to fit under my arm.




For it’s first day out I took my tote  grocery shopping, not my favourite type of shopping, but shopping none the less. Every time I go to the grocery store I seem to get amnesia. It’s like I can’t remember what I like or how to put a healthy meal together. Picture a tall girl standing with her basket staring at the wall of food, looking bemused and wondering how she got there. I’ve been unsuccessful in making a list beforehand as I just stare in the same way at the empty cupboards. I can’t be the only person with this problem, can I?

















I’m extremely pleased that the canvas looks exactly like the photo i sent!  I was even able to pick a font and add text.














As you can see it fits everything I need for work, and there’s two large pockets. Also since it’s vinyl I can just wipe off any slops or smudges. Perfect for me!


Conclusion: ………


A wonderful wedding fiesta

On Saturday July 23rd I boarded a ferry at Horseshoe Bay to travel out to Nanaimo B.C for my friends fiesta themed wedding. Carla and Carl are an amazing fun couple. I met Carla when we both worked in the Lush gift wrapping department. She has a great outgoing personality and I knew I wanted to be her friend right away.


C&C Mexican Hats!











The first 3 photos were taken by Jennifer Echols, a Vancouver photographer. Check out the website, her photos are simply stunning, so classic and candid. http://jenniferecholsphotography.com

Carl donned his dapper mariachi outfit after the ceremony, a gift from the band.


C&C Just Married!











Just Married!


C&C Listening to Speeches











Listening to speeches

Which were so heartfelt and touching I teared up a little. Ok, so I teared up a lot. like 3 times! And i`m not a crier! But everything was just so beautiful and special. Starting with……




Carla`s dress! Which was perfect for the occasion. Elegant and romantic while still being appropriate for the venue. No long train to trip on in the grass! I loved how there was touches of south western flair incorporated into the outfit. From the lace trimmed bolero jacket to the teal earrings and flower in her hair.




The bride`s sister also had a gorgeous dress. It was very striking and I wondered where she got it as I haven’t seen many Mexican shops around. I asked Corine where she found that perfect maid of honour dress. Turns out it had been purchased at a thrift store and it was previously white! Seeing the potential in it she bought it and dyed the dress at home!




There were so many crafty, personal touches that fit the theme well without going overboard. Carla told me she got a lot of ideas off the internet, from others sharing how they pulled off their own special days. The wedding was held in Carla`s parents backyard under a big white tent. The tables were beautiful and full of surprises like chilli pepper necklaces, sombreros, and fans. Proof that the bride and groom wanted everyone to have fun!






During the cocktail hour we had some yummy appetizers and drinks and were entertained by a fabulous 6 piece mariachi band!














Mariachi Del Sol is a band based out of Vancouver who blend the traditional styling with the classical panache. I knew I was going to see a mariachi band but I didn’t expect to be blown away! they were outstanding, playing two sets with a wide range of songs. They even took requests! http://www.mariachispirit.com




The supper was Mexican, of course, and like everything else, was fantastico!







The desserts in the lower left corner are homemade Mexican Wedding cookies. Super tasty and they were also in the thank you boxes placed at each table setting.





What a great idea and so cute!





I had so much fun and it was an amazing wedding. Congrats Carla and Carl! Thank you for letting me be apart of your day!

Conclusion:  As a girl i dreamed of having a big wedding, but after seeing this one i`m not so sure. Bigger is not always better…….in this case anyway. Lol