And the decisions narrow….. a poll.

Spring is finally here and my sister’s grad creeps ever closer. On my recent trip to Vancouver I went to my favoritist fabric shop in the city to find the fabric for the grad dress. Rokko’s Fabrics is amazing! It’s located on Fraser Street at 46th Avenue. They have a women working there who is simply the best. So knowledgeable and friendly. She helped me pick all the fabric for my College Grad Collection and I was very happy she is still there! Rokko’s motto is

“At Rokko’s All You Require Is Good Taste-Not A Fat Purse”

and this is very true. I Love their selection and prices!

So here is the fabric that I bought for the dress:


 This is sheer so I bought a grey poly satin for the lining. It makes the colors pop really well!


Now this is where me and my sister, Halie, can use your help. I designed 3 different dresses and we both like all of them! Dilemma! Vote on which you like best and comments are always appreciated.





Conclusion: I love my sister!

Which grad dress is best? a poll

This weekend was especially special because my sister came to visit me, and it was her first time in Calgary! Since she is graduating this year I decided it would be fun to go down to Fashion Central and try some dresses on at Echo Evenings.

The space at Echo is bright and airy, done in a “photo shoot” theme. There are tons of dresses including one of a kind designs, dresses you can customize to your taste, and others that can be ordered in your size. The staff is amazing and we had an awesome time.

My sister tried on a bunch of dresses and, of course, they all looked amazing on her. So I’ll ask you, which dress do you think looks the best! Her grad is in August so that’s why she didn’t try any in heavy fabrics, keepin it cool. Here are the dress options, pick your fave and vote! The poll is at the bottom and feel free to comment!













Conclusion: I need a event to go to so I can have an excuse to try on gorgeous dresses too!