What I’m obsessed with… macarons!

Lately I have been seeing macarons everywhere! They’re all over my instagram feed and they look so darn tasty. Who doesn’t want to eat a little pastry that has filling and comes in every color of the rainbow. I think they’re the new frozen yogurt, which was the new doughnut, which was the new cupcake, etc. etc.. I feel like there are more places in Calgary offering macarons. Either that or I was totally oblivious to them before. Since I currently can’t get enough of them I thought I’d share two places I’ve tried macarons and two places that are tops on my list to try, all in Calgary.

Ollia Macarons & Tea

Ollia store victoriadaytoday.com

I’ve seen photos of Ollia macarons on instagram and they always looked lovely, just like the store just off 17th ave, where you can purchase them! I tried three varieties and my favourite was Earl Grey. They also sell tea but I was only interested in the pastries. Ollia also offers a macaron baking class in their kitchen which sounds like a great girls night activity! Photos from www.byollia.com

Ollia mac victoriadaytoday.com


monplaisir victoriadaytoday.com

Monplaisir is located in the food court in The Core, which is a shopping center in downtown Calgary. It’s kind of hidden away so I wouldn’t be surprised if most people don’t know it’s there. They sell macarons and Belgian chocolate. Even thought these macarons are cost more the Ollia’s ($2.50 compared to $2.00 each) I must say I did like them a teensy bit more. The cookie was more dense and chewy, which I enjoyed. Below is a photo of the three varieties I tried. Rose lychee, peanut butter and jelly, and lavender honey which was my favourite. Top photo from www.monplaisir.ca

macarons victoriadaytoday.com

Made by Marcus

madebymarcus choc victoriadaytoday.commadebymarcus lemon victoriadaytoday.commadebymarcus rasp victoriadaytoday.commadebymarcus victoriadaytoday.com

I’ve heard lots of good things about Made by Marcus macarons and am excited to try some out! They are sold in different venues across Calgary. the closest to me is Bridgeland Market, so it looks like I’ll be taking a stroll over there soon! All the venues are listed on his website. Photos from www.madebymarcus.ca

Yann Haute Patisserie

yann patisserie victoriadaytoday.com

Yann Haute Patisserie is located in a sweet yellow house in the Mission neighbourhood. I’ve also heard great things about their macarons. Looking at the flavours on their website www.yannboutique.com, blackcurrant and Irish coffee are two that I would be interested in tasting!  Photos are from  www.pinterest.com/yannboutique

yann patisserie mac victoriadaytoday.com


Where are your top places to get macarons in your town and what’s your favourite flavour?

Sartoria: comfy and cosy upcycled

Last night the city was covered in a snow blanket. A reminder that even though it is spring I live in Calgary where it can be sunny, snowy, and rainy all in one day. The urge to hibernate in warm and comfy clothes with a hot drink is strong. This reminded me of a great brand that I discovered at the Art Market here in Calgary last November. Sartoria upcycles cashmere and merino wool sweaters into one of a kind pieces. Based and created in Toronto, they embrace “slow fashion” and it shows in the eye catching color combos and fantastic quality. At the Art Market the designer was even on hand to custom make select pieces! Sartoria will be back next year and I’m glad for the heads up so I can put some dollars aside for luxurious long johns. You can also shop from the Sartoria website www.sartoria.ca.








Sartoria-786 Sartoria-793

All photos from www.sartoria.ca


Snow isn’t so bad. Especially when you have something warm and cosy to snuggle up in.

What to do with your zucchini, or your MANY zucchinis

After taking a little blog break I’m excited for fall and all the great posts I’ve been cooking up to share with you! Fall is my favourite season and it always gets me in the mood for crafting and sewing so stay tuned.

Right now is an amazing time to be checking out farmers markets. There are so many around Calgary and the prices cant be beat! One of the veggies I like to buy lots of is zucchini. It’s so cheap and I’ve found a little goes a long way. I wanted to share some of the recipes I’ve tried and some I’m looking forward to trying. So if you planted zucs in your garden this year and have so many you can’t even give them away this is the post for you!

If you don’t know much about this yummy and versatile veggie here are some interesting facts.

  • One zucchini has just 25 calories (compared to a baked potato, for example, which has 130 calories).
  • A zucchini has more potassium than a banana
  • The word zucchini comes from ‘zucca’ the Italian word for squash
  • Biggest is NOT best. The most flavourful zucchinis are small- to medium-sized.
  • The world’s largest zucchini on record was 69 1/2 inches long, and weighed 65 lbs. Bernard Lavery of Plymouth Devon, UK, grew the humongous veggie

For more facts check out The Food Channel’s Top 10 zucchini fun facts.

Here first are the recipes I’ve tried. Click on the picture for links to the full recipe.


Mexican Zucchini Cheese Soup

This soup was very quick and easy to make. it’s all done in one pot. I always read the reviews for recipes online. I find they can be very helpful and offer useful tips. The suggestion I followed was to use fresh tomatoes instead of canned and I think it was a good choice. I also used one fresh jalapeño instead of the canned chilli peppers. I like a mild to low spiciness and I felt it could of used a little more kick so next time I might add 1 1/2 jalapeños. Id say this is a good amount for 3 or 4 people. I ate it for supper twice and took it for lunch twice.

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins Recipe

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

There are many recipes for zucchini muffins out there. I took these over to my BF’s parents house and they were a big hit! The changes I made to the recipe was I only used 1 1/2 cups of sugar and I cut the oil to 1/2 a cup and added 1/2 cup of applesauce. I also sprinkled chocolate chips and sunflower seeds on top just before baking.

Baked zucchini sticks and sweet onion dip

This recipe is amazing! The site has lots of pics and easy instructions. I followed this one exactly. Just make sure to not cut your sticks too wide. This would be a good recipe for a mid to small zucchini. Save your monster zucs for a recipe where you grate it, that way you won’t waste the center. The dip is so yummy! we ate it after the sun went down on the patio after a hot day.

These are the recipes I want to try out next.



Stuffed zucchini

Oven baked zucchini chips

Zucchini cheddar hushpuppies


I hope these recipes have got you inspired. I know i got my stomach growling! Let me know what your fave zucchini recipes are or which you want to try out.

What I’m obsessed with… White lace dresses


Stampede has descended on Calgary. For 10 days cowboy hats, boots, and plaid are everywhere. This time of year I’m always on the look out for people who embrace the western theme with style and class. I’ve seen too many girls/women in cleavage/thigh bearing outfits that are usually about a size too small. And you don’t always have to wear a plaid shirt/denim combo either.

This summer white is right on trend and so is lace! Pair a beautiful lace dress, shirt, or skirt with some cowgirl-esque accessories and you are ready to ya hoo all day long! Without looking like you’ve been around the Stampede grounds one too many times, if you know what i mean. 😉

Check out my Alberta Bound pintrest board for the links to these photos and more Cowgirl style inspiration!

Pretty lace shift, fitted red leather jacket & studded western style boots. Edgy boho threads for the cooler months. Lace dress, muted statement necklace & cowboy boots!

flirty lace eyelet dress

Sweetly swaying. #Hat #Cowgirl #Lace #Dress  ;)


Romantic Cowgirl | Lace Dresses & Tartan Plaid Shirts & Blouses lace dress, chambray, cowboy boots and hat


boots only for me Lace dress & cowboy boots

love white eyelet


Western inspired looks don’t need to be saved for Stampede and rodeos. Change up your accessories you can rock it year round!

What I’m obsessed with today… Galaxy print

Galaxy Leggings, Pink - Hand Printed Constellations - Statement Tights

Ever since I saw these galaxy print leggings by Mitmunk I wanted a pair. I know I’m meant to own these since they always keep creeping back into my thoughts. Hopefully if I go to Vancouver this summer I will get to visit their studio and pick come out! Even if leggings aren’t your thing there are plenty of other options that use this galactic print. You can even paint it on your nails or make your own DIY print! So who’s ready to blast off into outer space?



If you want to give it a try here’s a great tutorial from Let’s Get Thrifty!


Now you don’t have to wait for the sun to go down to gaze at stars and constellations. You can take a little piece of the galaxy with you wherever you go!

What I’m obsessed with today… Overalls

I’m so happy overalls are back in style! And I think that this will be the summer where I find the perfect pair, I can feel it. Finding a pair of overalls that are both stylish and comfortable can be challenging. You need one that is fitted in the right spots, not too loose in the wrong spots, and doesn’t ride up your crotch! My roommate in college, Colleen, had the perfect pair and I loved borrowing them from her. Kind of wishing they would have wound up in my pile on moving day. sigh. There are also lots of styling options with overalls. You can cuff them up, wear both straps done up, only one strap up, or have both hanging down. I think it could be a great summer staple. Now it’s time to find a just right pair of my own!






Hopefully this will inspire you to give overalls a try this year. I’m going to keep an eye out at thrift shops. Just please DO NOT get these ones. Sheesh.

What I’m obsessed with today… Parrots

Parrot hair clip from Now, Voyager


Vans released these Van Doren Authentic reissued parrot print shoes in March. Click HERE to purchase off the Vans website.

Hand beaded parrot clutch from Anthropologie

Parrot origami necklace in black silver

Image 1 of American Apparel T-Shirt With Party Parrot Print

Party Parrot t-shirt from American Apparel

A Nest Napery tote bag


Markus Lupfer Sequin Parrot shirt from Asos

20130307_nike-beaches-of-rio_0059_large 20130307_nike-beaches-of-rio_0067_large  20130307_nike-beaches-of-rio_0065_large

Nike Air Max “Beaches of Rio” pack is released this month and the colors are inspired by the sand, surf, and exotic birds of Brazil.

Flight at the Ballet scarf from ModCloth

Circus By Sam Edelman Parrot Thong Sandal

636x460design_01636x460shirt_girls_01 636x460shirt_guys_01

Vultures design by lucas de alcantara from Threadless

If your interested in finding out more about all these bird-tastic finds please click on the picture to be linked back to the source!


Parrots are bright and fun! No mater how you wear them it’s a great way to start welcoming the warmer weather back into your life. Even if it still looks and feels like winter. sigh.