What I’m obsessed with today… Dogs & a cat

Actually I was kinda obsessed with them all week, and it’s only 2 specific dogs and one cat. My parent’s pet dogs Lulu and Sooner and the cat, Linty, named for her fluffy grey hair.

I’m back from my vacation and although I had an amazing time (posts about some of the cool things I learned at the Transforming Cloth course coming soon!) I’m happy to be home. I missed the city! Especially it’s coffee shops, sushi, and lack of creepy crawlies! Oh sure there are bugs here, just not the abundance of daddy long-legs, black beetles, and horseflies that are in the country. Eeech! But one thing I long for that my country-fied parents have that I don’t is pets. No pets allowed in my condo. which also means no cuddly soft lick your face tail wagging cuteness.

Thankfully I got my fix, for a little while, and even brought home something to remember them by. Lovely little hairs stuck to the bottom of my suitcase.



This is Lulu getting buried in the sand. She must have liked it because she stayed there for quite awhile.





This is Sooner. He likes to dig and romp around like a big kid!





And last but not least Linty. She likes to meow lots but generally stays out of view.

Conclusion: I think every home is not complete without a pet. Now all I have to do is convince my landlord of that!

What I’m obsessed with today… Pandas

I’ve noticed an animal trend lately that I’m totally on board for. Pandas are so cute and furry. I just want to pet and snuggle one, although I doubt they would return my love in exactly the same fashion. I’ve seen panda fashion, accessories, and home decor everywhere! I think I may have to invest in some black and white items of my own.

Click on the pictures to link to the source. Most of them are for sale!

Panda iPad & iPad 2 Sleeve

Panda Bear print 8x10

Ninja Panda Lapel Pin

Panda Danda - Graffiti Love Panda Heart Fine Art Photograph by Patrick Andrew Adams - APTRICK

Vtg Panda Print Blue Black White Knitted Sweater

cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: Snuggly Panda Rice

Hand Drawn Panda Plate - Eats Cake and Leaves

Panda Necklace, Animal Necklace, Hand Cast Resin Accessory

adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott   Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

and finally a super cute video of pandas and a slide. Awwww

Conclusion: Panda (haiku)

He’s so very kind,
Black, and white, and very big,
China’s very own.

Yuki Star Uzumaki

What I’m obsessed with today… Ombre hair

dip dye/ ombre hair

blonde-blue-hair   blonde-with-purple-pink-dip-dye-1


gemma-ward-lilac-hair-771x1024   pink-purple-dip

two-toned-hair-blonde-black-1   volt-magazine-dip-dyed-hair-fashion-editorial-5

What a fun summer look! How could I not try it out?                             

             DSC03324   DSC03485



Conclusion: After 5 years of not dyeing my hair, taking the plunge into color turned out to be a very good thing indeed!

Lomography love

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon the Lomography website, twitter or a blog post perhaps? but I am sooooo glad to have found it. These super sweet, chic, and humorous analogue cameras have made my heart beat just a little faster. Ok, who am i kidding, a lot faster! I want to grab a bunch of 35mm film and start shooting.

Although I think digital cameras are amazing I’ve found there’s a lack of spontaneity. Especially since you can erase all the bad/wonderfully memorable pics and keep posing till there’s one deemed “perfect” . How many epic moments have been lost!? (even though sometimes that delete button is a godsend) and the suspense of waiting to see what hilarious/beautiful/cringe-worthiness you’ve captured is part of the fun. Also all your snaps aren’t stuck on your computer forever! Something I’m definitely guilty of.

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these beauties! or two, or three…

Fisheye No.2 – Python


20111214_7601   20111221_7867_120111221_7842        20111219_7663_1

Diana Mini & Flash – Leopard


20111221_7794_1  20111221_7811_1_1    20111214_7595_1_1          20111219_7648_1_1

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Fischers Fritze


la-sardina_fishers-fritze_back  la-sardina_fishers-fritze_quarter_1  la-sardina_fishers-fritze_top  la-sardina_fishers-fritze_box_front

Diana Mini JIYU – Freedom


diana-mini_jiyu_back     diana-mini_jiyu_side  diana-mini_jiyu_front_with-lenscap  diana-mini_jiyu_box_front

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Belle Starr


20111221_7724  20111221_7739 20111221_7732  20121005_5330

Check out the website for more cameras, the history of Lomography and the The 10 golden rules of Lomography. There’s tons of cool camera content! http://www.lomography.com/


Conclusion: This looks like the perfect companion to a summer full of shenanigans…

There’s always time for tights

In winter I feel it’s always necessary to keep your legs covered. There’s less chance of frostbite on your stems and and if you chance to slip on the ice you won’t give the street a show. You hear that trashy bar chick!? –20, bare legs, and shirt/dress not cool!

Wolford, located in Calgary in Fashion Central, is tights couture. They have tons of patterns and colors, as well as stockings and undergarments. Prices range from $40 –$60 for tights but can go higher for specialty ones. These Artiste Tights with real bootlaces are $225, but they do look amazing!

artiste tights

Hero Tights

hero tights

Sousan Tights these are my fave, so 60’s.

sousan tights

Leo Tights Rawr!

leo tights

Conclusion: I’m keeping my legs covered until April, or at least till the next Chinook.