What I made today… Knit button ring


Happy Victoria Day everyone! Fun fact: I was born on Victoria Day but since it’s always on a Monday my birthday doesn’t often fall on that day. This year my birthday’s on a Friday! Anyways, back to what I made. While I was looking at instagram one day I saw some photos of knitted rings. They’re made by Claire Ward who lives in Sydney, Australia. Her line is called Bless Your Cotton Socks and her nautical knitted rings are so cute! You should check them out on her Etsy page www.blessyourcottonsocks.etsy.com She loves cats too! Since I have yarn and lots of buttons I thought I’d make one of my own. I think it looks fab! Thanks Claire, for the inspiration for such a cool, creative accessory.

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photo (2)


I also got to visit my hometown this weekend and spend time with my family and this lovable pooch!


Sometimes bigger (buttons) is better. I love finding new ways to take things I already own and create something fun to wear!

Giving my phone a little kawaii DIY


I cant remember where I came across Mr. Kate but I am so glad I did! Her website is www.mrkate.com and I highly recommend checking it out if, like me, you enjoy lifestyle blogs that are cute, quirky, and engaging.

that’s where I found this DIY tutorial for a Kawaii decoden Japanese inspired phone case. I was so excited to try it out I went right out and bought the supplies for it. And that’s about as far as I got till my old phone case started getting embarrassingly worn. The moment for crafting had arrived! This project turned out to be so quick and so fun I forgot to take pictures mid craft. ooops!

Mr. Kate has such a great tutorial and pictures on her site, as well as a list of supplies. If you take a look I’m sure you’ll be just as charmed with her as I am.  *View the tutorial* 

I thought I would share my DIY experience and maybe give a little inspiration if you want to make your own.

To get ready I got together buttons and other odd bits I already owned.






I laid out the decorations first to get a rough idea of where I wanted them.



The caulk is really easy to apply and a lot less messy then I thought it would be. I used a chopstick to swirl the silicone around and then applied the beads around the edge first. An old pair of tweezers made placing the smaller decorations a snap. Resting the case on a jar to dry helped it not stick to the newspaper.



I let it dry overnight and here is the end result! Kind of a summer by the sea theme.




That blingy bit on the top of my phone is a earphone port dust protector. I never even knew such a thing existed until I saw them at a kiosk on Stephens Ave. My phone sure is pretty now!



Conclusion: This may not be practical for everyday use but it sure is a great conversation starter!