To squirrel with love: a homemade card


Here’s a little fact about me… I hate buying cards. Don’t take that the wrong way because I love giving cards! Sure store bought cards can be cute, funny, and heart-warming. I just don’t see the sense in paying $4.99 on something that I have the supplies and know how to create myself. Also the receiver likes the homemade card infinite times more because it’s customized and I spent all that time making it and thinking about them while I made it! And I mean thinking about him/her in the “happy memories” way. NOT the “creepy shifty eyes gonna peek at you through the curtain” kinda way, I swear!

So when my Grandpa’s birthday came up recently I got out the markers and pencil crayons.


I wanted to give him a card that would make him say awww followed by ha ha and decided a squirrel with a faux fur tail would do the trick. I’m under the impression that my Grandpa loves squirrels. Or maybe loathes them with a passion? Either way squirrels are always in his backyard and he puts nuts out for them.

I found some inspiration on goggle and started sketching.



DSC03884   DSC03891


Although the squirrels at my Grandparents are brown I only had blackish fur so I made a grey squirrel. I wanted he squirrel to carry a message in his paws, awwww, but next time I’ll have to make the paper slanted so it doesn’t have a weird crease in it .



After writing my Birthday message on the back I mailed it off!

Do you make you own cards? What are your favourite cards to give or receive?


Q: Why do squirrels swim on there back?
A: to keep their nuts dry…. (I just had to get ONE nut joke in!)

A creative thanks


I needed to send a thank you card. So instead of paying $4.00 for one I did what any frugal minded crafter would do and made my own. The reason for the thank you was sewing/craft related so I decided to use that as the theme.

Here is the finished product. Ta da!



I can’t take all the credit for this idea though. My inspiration came from a little something that was left on my coffee table some years ago, by a young gentlemen, who I let sleep on our couch one night. I woke in the morning to find him gone and almost missed this, mainly because the table had so much random junk scattered on it. Luckily before I shifted everything this arrangement caught my eye.

Ta da!




Conclusion: Inspiration can come from the strangest of places. Oh, and sometimes it’s good not to be a neat freak.