Lomography love

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon the Lomography website, twitter or a blog post perhaps? but I am sooooo glad to have found it. These super sweet, chic, and humorous analogue cameras have made my heart beat just a little faster. Ok, who am i kidding, a lot faster! I want to grab a bunch of 35mm film and start shooting.

Although I think digital cameras are amazing I’ve found there’s a lack of spontaneity. Especially since you can erase all the bad/wonderfully memorable pics and keep posing till there’s one deemed “perfect” . How many epic moments have been lost!? (even though sometimes that delete button is a godsend) and the suspense of waiting to see what hilarious/beautiful/cringe-worthiness you’ve captured is part of the fun. Also all your snaps aren’t stuck on your computer forever! Something I’m definitely guilty of.

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these beauties! or two, or three…

Fisheye No.2 – Python


20111214_7601   20111221_7867_120111221_7842        20111219_7663_1

Diana Mini & Flash – Leopard


20111221_7794_1  20111221_7811_1_1    20111214_7595_1_1          20111219_7648_1_1

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Fischers Fritze


la-sardina_fishers-fritze_back  la-sardina_fishers-fritze_quarter_1  la-sardina_fishers-fritze_top  la-sardina_fishers-fritze_box_front

Diana Mini JIYU – Freedom


diana-mini_jiyu_back     diana-mini_jiyu_side  diana-mini_jiyu_front_with-lenscap  diana-mini_jiyu_box_front

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Belle Starr


20111221_7724  20111221_7739 20111221_7732  20121005_5330

Check out the website for more cameras, the history of Lomography and the The 10 golden rules of Lomography. There’s tons of cool camera content! http://www.lomography.com/


Conclusion: This looks like the perfect companion to a summer full of shenanigans…