Oh deer! and owl, and bear, and cat, and…


wordy birdy


I love sorting through the clearance jewellery at department stores. You never know what kind of sparkly treasures you’ll find. So when I saw a glittery deer I knew he was coming home with me. After placing him with my other necklaces I realized I own a few other animal pieces. Ok, maybe i little more then a few. lol

This gave me the idea to make a photo story with some of my faves! Hope you enjoy them. Their from various locations and have various price points but all have a special place in my jewellery box.






DSC03046   DSC03050




Conclusion: Ahhh…. animals. Maybe I should do a photo story about my different articles of clothing with furry creatures on them. Ha ha, just kidding…. kind of.

Clothes make the animal


On Etsy I came across a girl after my own heart! Ashley Percival, a freelance illustrator in the UK, is creating beautiful bright and detailed art prints of quirky animals dressed in laid back duds. Animals in clothing!!! How can you not love it? She even has had her work licensed by Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 for T-shirts.


Skateboarding Bear Friends

Skateboarding Bear Friends. limited edition print by Ashley Percival.


The Cyclists

The Cyclists. limited edition art print by Ashley Percival. Children's Wall art and Nursery Art.


Cool Fox

Cool Fox limited edition 1/100


Bears in the Rain

Nursery Art, Nursery Decor. Bears in the Rain. Limited edition Art print by Ashley Percival.


The Bear and Fox

Childrens art. The Bear and Fox. Limited edition art print by Ashley Percival. Great Nursery Art.


A Little Owl wearing glasses

A Little Owl wearing glasses. limited edition art print by Ashley Percival. Children decor, Nursery Decor, Art Print.


Fashionable Owl

Fashionable Owl. Limited edition Owl art print by Ashley Percival. Owl Art, Children's Art, and Nursery Decor.


and my personal favourite….


Fox in Jumper

Art print. Fox in Jumper. Limited Edition art print by Ashley Percival. Fox Art Print.


Do check out more of Ashley’s fab prints in her Etsy shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/AshleyPercival

Conclusion: I think all animals should wear clothes! Much more cute and dignified. Maybe it’s a good thing i don’t have any pets….